consumer connection restaurant shop

this company pays for this type of shop, BUT they pay by hyper- wallet- and hyper wallet / consumer connection charges the shopper .75 , that is 75 cents to use hyper- wallet. There is nothing better than paying the mystery shopping company to do the shop and the shopper does not get paid for 6 weeks after the shop. Let the $$$$$$$$ roll in. gregory

Mod note: Hey there, Gregory, and welcome to the forum. In the future, please take care to not directly link client and MSC. Thank you! smiling smiley

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1) Is the name of the client and the MSC in the title? That should not be...
2) Huh? I am not understanding this post. Maybe I'm just slow on the uptake, but could you please clarify what you are saying.
He's saying the shopper pays the Hyperwallet (like Paypal) fee.
I don't like that either.
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