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Anyone having issues with Reality Check MSC? They have always been reliable for payment the last week of the month following a shop, but I have not been paid for a single shop that I did with them in June and tomorrow is the last day of July.
Sights on Service pays on the 20th of the month following your shop.

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What about Research Services Group (RSG)? I know it is real fast but anyone know if they have a time table?

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KSS schedules shops. You need to look at the Client's websites for payment schedules.

Looking forward to working with you!

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BuffaloNY101 Wrote:
> What about Research Services Group (RSG)? I know
> it is real fast but anyone know if they have a
> time table?

Usually every other Monday/Tuesday I believe. They are one of the quicker paying MSCs

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Well, MFI Direct Deposit payment which was supposed to be August 11, 2014, as per their website seems late as it is not in my account yet. This is the first time this happened with this MSC.
"Message Posted on Shopper Portal August 7, 2014

August Shopper Payments

Direct Deposit payments will be sent to our bank on Monday, August 11th. Payment details should be reflected on the Shopper Website on that day, although it will take an additional day or two for the deposit to show up in your bank."

Market Force's own FAQ page states payment are made mid-month, "often around the 10th." Whenever a payment is due over a weekend, I assume it will be made the next business day.

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Thanks LisaSTL. Actually the money was on my account after lunch and I received a reply like yours. Missed reading their message. Just wondered because they came like clock work. And since they are from
the States, I thought it had something to do with that. CFA payments, although under MFI, could not process
Direct Deposit for me, so cheques come in after 10-15 days in the snail mail.
No MF payment for me yet, either.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
Creative Image Associates (CIA) - The end of the month following the shop date by paper check.

Service Sleuth - Quoting from the website, "approximately 60 days after the last day of the month in which the shop was completed." In the US by PayPal. Outside the US by PayPal, Money Gram or Western Union.

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Still no MF payment. I haven't changed my payment info in eight months, so IDK why payment hasn't cleared yet.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
Received MF payment by check today. No clue why.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
What a valuable thread! Thank you to everyone who has contributed. This is quite helpful.
I did some shops for Harland Clarke. The reports are a bit narrative heavy but, I did the shops mid-month and got paid on the 29th via check in the mail. For those that can't put out money for shops and need a quick turn-around for payment, I'd sign up with them. The shops were well bonused and they pay mileage for some of their shops. They contact you, however, they do not have their shops listed on a website.
I'm a complete NOOB here, so please excuse me if this is listed under another name but I didn't see Service Excellence / Service X / SEG on the list. I have them listed with the following payment info:

Payment by PayPal at the end of each month for the prior month’s shops (after the shop(s) has been finalized and accepted by the client).

Thank you for this list! I have a column for this on my shop log spreadsheet and sometimes it can be a real pain to find. Once I find it, I put it on an Index Card for each MSC. This list is a dream come true! smiling smiley

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ath Power uses a payment processing company called to make payments. While you can request paper checks, makes payments directly into my bank account, very reliably. Payments are generally processed near the end of the month for shops performed the month before and reach my bank account shortly after the next month begins (for instance, shops performed in June were processed for payment on July 27th and funds were in my bank account on August 4th).

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JM Ridgway has changed drastically as of late. I've received payment in my Paypal account within ten days of submitting invoice, for the past six weeks.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
Service Quality repeatedly claims that they mailed the check and then they mail a "replacement" check. This time I didn't even receive the replacement check so have contacted them again. They are several shoppers reporting on this forum that they have similar experiences.
Research Services Group (Paypal) Just changed the pay schedule they went to the 15th of the following month.
1st to 15th on the 15th of next month. 16th to the last day of the month will be 15th of next month. They just changed it.
Guess I need to check Paypal again this week. nope not yet it was submitted on 9-4 too early I guess.

BBird0701 Wrote:
> JM Ridgway has changed drastically as of late.
> I've received payment in my Paypal account within
> ten days of submitting invoice, for the past six
> weeks.
The only way to get started is to start applying for MS companies. No checks will arrive until after some work is completed.
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