First time I've been angry with Ritter

I had a route of gs shops scheduled with Ritter today. Two of the locations had the wrong address given. The first one wasn't a big deal, as the correct address was only about 10 minutes away, and it was in the direction I needed to go. But, I did lose at least 15 minutes because of it. The second one, however, was way off. The correct address was about 30 minutes from the provided address. I called and explained that I could not do that location for the agreed upon fee as it would add another hour of driving time. The scheduler pretty much said, "Oh, ok, I'll take it off your list." I asked if there was any way that I could be compensated for my time as they had provided the incorrect address. She said, "No, we can't do that." I suggested that she make sure they have their addresses correct and told her that it was rather ridiculous. She just thanked me and that was that.

First of all, I'm kicking myself for not using Google Earth and researching these locations beforehand. I usually do that, after getting good advice on this forum to do so. But, with that said, the scheduler provided me with VERY inaccurate addresses. I mean I can handle the wrong address in the same city or town. But giving me an address that is 30 minutes away??? I'm really irritated. The route was still profitable but losing that one shop still stinks. Ok, I needed to vent...

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