Calgary, Canada

New to the forum, great to see such great people here. I'm just wondering if anyone can provide me with a few companies that have shops in Calgary, Canada? I'm currently doing shops with GFK, and service sleuth but looking for more opportunities. Looks like the majority of shops are only in the United States?

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I've seen many posts about jobs in Canada. You have to sign up with a lot of them. I know America has more, but there's more people/businesses here too.

Good luck! smiling smiley
gdeffer, if you click on the Search link at the top of the list of topics you can Search the forum. Search on "Canada" and "Canadian" and set the date range to "all dates" and you will find other posts where people have asked about Canadian shops.

Time to build a bigger bridge.

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gdeffer. Welcome to the board. Most of the work I do is for American companies. So, go ahead and sign up with the companies listed below.
The work on the job boards varies over the month. Just keep checking job boards to find out when things are posted.
Have you used jobslinger to see who has work in your area?
I earned more with Market Force than with any other single company last year. That may be due to bonuses because of where I live. It maybe won't be the same in a city.

Are you signed up with?:

In Touch - []

mystery shopping canada inc.

Premier Service Inc.



The following companies informed me they don't work in Alberta. However that is about a year old info, and things change!

Ardent Services
Appartment shoppe
BDS Marketing
Consumer Impressions
Service Alliance Inc
Creative Image Associates

These companies according to my research don't operate any longer. Again others may have better info than I do:

A Step Above Service Evaluations
A Top Shop
Best Market Audits BMA Mystery Shopping - Are now part of the Troy Doylan Group
BES Changed to Mystery Shopper Services
Channel Watch Mystery Shopping
Chekmark Inc
Checkup Marketing
Customer Feedback
Direct Scheduling Services
Extra Eyes Nationwide Inc
Focus on Service
Franchise compliance
Harris Teeter
Nation Wide Services Group
NIMBLE Support Services
Service Intelligence IS PART OF IN TOUCH
Star Scheduling
Wireless Store Shopper

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