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Hi All.
I signed up for a treat shop to be completed on the 4th (dates available were 3,4,5). Ran out to do it last night, and they were closed. I know I should have taken a photo of the sign, but I did not. I got home and tried to call and e-mail to see if I could move the date to the next available, which is tonight. Since it is a holiday, the company is on "automatic". This morning I received the 'If the report is not rcvd by noon it will be removed from your list' e-mail. Are there any off duty numbers I can try? I am willing to return and do the shop tonight, but cannot contact anyone to get the date fixed. Any ideas? (Please do not respond with"you should have taken pictures"-that ship has sailed, and I know I should have done that).

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Wow-Someone at CORI has fixed it for me! Please disregard thread. I am SOOO glad that I did not have to count this a total loss smiling smiley
Many complain of Cori but I've had a good relationship with them. I'm happy you got it sorted out. smiling smiley
Under some circumstances, you can change the date yourself. I don't know if you tried that or not. It's only possible if certain things are true, such as it not being within 5 days of the end of the month or something like that.

Glad you got it worked out though.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
Thanks for the responses. I was unable to find a way to switch it myself, but they came through. I don't like promising to do something and then not getting it done. And the weather has been great for this type of treat as well! Today is a day where I LOVE what I do! smiling smiley <3
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