Mintel - How often to ask for payment

I did a shop for Mintel that ended on May 2nd, they say they pay twice a month on the 15th and 30th. On June 8th I emailed to ask why it had not been paid yet and they told me that I needed to update my account info, that they needed either a mailing address or bank info. I updated with my bank info, but they had my full mailing address already. On June 18th when it still showed as pending I emailed them again. They responded that it would be on the check run at the end of the June. I just logged in and it still shows as pending. Has anyone run into this and how would you respond?

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I loved Mintel, because they were always one of the fastest and easiest to get paid by ... I hope that hasn't changed. Assuming they haven't gone over to the dark side, this should be a very unusual situation, and I wouldn't think they would be upset with you for checking in just a few days after the latest missed pay period. So contact them again.
They are amazingly fast. I was paid for shops completed between June 17 and June 26 on June 30. My suggestion would be to call your scheduler. Their phone numbers are on all the emails.

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I have been doing an ongoing project for Mintel for the past couple years and they pay like clockwork. I love working for this company and wish they had more shops available.
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