Trendsource Interview on Mystery Shopper Magazine

We just published an interview on Mystery Shopper Magazine with Jim Caltrider, the CEO of Trendsource.

Check it out: []

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I do the business verifications for Trendsource. Each time I've had some sort of problem, Trendsource has handled it quickly and with fairness. I enjoy working with them. It is nice not wondering when I'll be paid. I signed up with Examine Your Practice just before Trendsource acquired it but have never had a medical assignment with them. I'd like that, too.
I have been doing business verifications for Trendsource for almost two years. Their fees are reasonable and their communication is excellent. They pay very quickly. They are my favorite company to work for.
I, too, love working with TrendSource despite the complaints from others about having to pay for a background check and get an EIN. This is one company that really has it together. They review my reports right away and pay is always on time and twice a month. Beats the heck out of waiting 2/3 months to get paid. I would like it if they would increase the pay a bit more as I do on sites for another company that pays several dollars more to do them.
Trendsource is my favorite company to shop for. I do mystery shops, property appraisals and business interviews. Just wish they had more in my area.
Ive enjoyed their business audits also. Those pay pretty well for the time in my opinion and they have been more than fair with me. And not meaning this so much as a complaint but am fairly new and just wondered other's experience, I've done a petstore pricecheck for them however, actually a few times thinking Id get faster, but found myself ending up with a small fraction of minimum wage with the time it took me. Am I just slow? Grocery shops were not much better.
Great article, it was nice to be able to read some of the history of the company, I think that Trendsource has some of the nicest schedulers in the business. They don't pay well, but they do pay fast and that can sometime be a blessing in itself. This was one of the first companies that I signed up with and I have a special place in my mystery shopping heart for them.


Motivation increases when we assume large responsibilities with a short deadline.
I have been working for Trendsource for the last 2 years. It is the best company I have worked for so far. Payments are always on time. They pay fair for their assignments. I hope they keep up the good work.
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