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Here's a giant list of almost 250 mystery shopping companies...!

If you're serious about mystery shopping, apply to as many of these companies as you can!

Warning: This list is outdated and may have incorrect listing, broken links, etc. If you want an accurate list, use the official list linked to at the bottom of every forum page.

A Closer Look Inc. -- [] --
A Customer's Point of View, Inc. -- [] -- - Mystery shopping services for retail, restaurants, transit providers, housing, living and care facilities, entertainment facilities and health care providers. Online application.
A Step Above Service Evaluations -- [] --
A Step Above Service Evaluations, Inc. -- [] -- - Florida-based service evaluations to varied industries.
A Top Shop -- [] --
A&A Merchandising Ltd. -- [] --
Acorn Management Associates -- [] -- - Mystery shopping provider. Specializes in automotive after sales care. Also offers design, development and manufacture of specialist tools.
Acra Inc. -- Out of business -- A Lot of California shops
ACRA, Inc. -- Out of business --- Retail, restaurant, service, sales and entertainment complex mystery shopping. Online application.
Advanced Phone Ups -- [] -- - Telephone training and mystery shopping of all types of vehicle dealerships.
All-Star Customer Service, Inc. -- [] -- - Offering traditional, audio, and video mystery shopping, and market research. Also training training programs.
Amusement Advantage -- [] --
Amusement Advantage, LLC -- [] -- - Amusement park mystery shopping. Online application.
Ann Michaels & Associates Ltd. -- [] --
Anonymous Insights -- [] --
Anonymous Insights, Inc. -- [] -- - Marketing research firm that specializes in customer satisfaction programs. Online application.
Anonymous Shoppers & Assessments of Pittsburgh -- [] --
Anonymous Shoppers and Assessments of Pittsburgh (ASAP) -- [] -- - Shopper evaluations of restaurant, fast food, retail, health care, insurance, banking, grocery, automobile and sales and service. Online application.
Apartment Shoppe -- [] --
AQ Services International -- [] -- - Mystery shopping, quality research, and consultancy services. Company profile, locations and contacts.
Ardent Services -- [] --
Ardent Services, Inc. -- [] -- - Mystery shopper services catering to retail, restaurant, hotel, airline and car rental industries. Online application.
Ascent Research Associates, LLC -- [] -- - Offers mystery shopping and consulting services for restaurant, property management, retail and a variety of other industries in the United States and Canada. Web-based reporting. Online application.
Associate Consumer Evaluations -- [] --
Associate Consumer Evaluations Mystery Shopping -- [] -- - Offering customer service evaluations, exit interviews, and employee training with web access. Resource for shoppers and online application.
Assure Quality Systems -- [] --
At Random Communications -- [] -- - Telephone based shopper evaluations of service quality and efficiency. Customer follow-up and competitive analysis services also available.
At Your Service Marketing -- [] --
Ath Power -- [] -- - Mystery shopper services catering to retail and financial services. Sales staff and management training and market research. Online application.
Bare Associates International -- [] -- - Mystery guest retail, hotel and restaurant reports since 1987. Video training and guest intercept programs also available. Online application.
Barry Leeds and Associates -- [] -- - Offers a range of mystery shopping services with a core focus on the financial services industry and service-oriented retail companies. Core competence is helping companies prevent discriminatory and unfair sales practices.
Berring HIne Consulting -- [] -- - Telephone-based mystery shopper programmes as part of a wider evaluation of public sector services.
Best Mark -- [] --
Beyond Hello -- [] --
Beyond Marketing Group -- [] --
BMA Mystery Shopping Services -- [] --
Business Evaluation Services -- [] -- - Business and retail on-site, telephone and customer feedback secret shopper services.
Business Insights Group -- [] --
Byers Choice Inc -- [] --
Campus Consulting -- [] --
Capstone Research -- [] --
Captain D's Seafood -- [] --
C-Chex -- [] -- - Partners with retailers to ensure cashiers comply with age-restricted sales policies while providing an objective view of operations.
Certified Reports Inc. -- [] --
Certified Reports, Inc. -- [] -- - Mystery shopping and market research surveys for financial, restaurant, retail and service industries. Also offer proof-of-performance theatre audits. Online application.
Check Mark, Inc. -- [] -- - Mystery shopper services to banking, restaurant, retail and entertainment sectors. Online application.
Check Up Marketing -- [] --
Checkout (UK) Ltd -- [] -- - A customized mystery shopper program using specialized secret shoppers with a video recorded analysis.
CKA Group Inc. -- [] --
Commercial Services System -- [] --
Confero, Inc. -- [] -- - Nationwide mystery shopping and customer satisfaction measurement services for automotive, banking, restaurant and real estate. Online application.
Consumer Impressions -- [] --
Consumer Research Group (CRG) -- [] -- - Mystery shopper consultant services to the retail industry.
Consumer Research International -- [] -- Lowe's, K-Mart, Pizza Hut, CiCi's pizza, Papa John's, Dominoes, East of Chicago, Stride Rite, and many others.
Count On Us -- [] -- - Mystery shopper services to restaurants, bars, hotels, banks, retail and service industries. Licensed investigators. Online application.
Coyle Hospitality Group -- [] --
Creative Image Associates -- [] -- - A consulting and training company specializing in assisting financial institutions to achieve a successful sales and service culture. Training, evaluation, and incentive programs designed to maximize employee performance.
Customer 1st -- [] --
Customer 1st -- [] -- - Full service mystery shopping company providing on-line reporting for customer service evaluation.
Customer Perspectives -- [] --
Customer Point of View -- [] -- - A mystery shopping service catering exclusively to the restaurant and hotel foodservice industries since 1985.
Customer Service Experts Inc. -- [] --
Customer Service Perceptions -- [] -- - Website, telephone and on-site mystery shopping services. Online application. Employee surveys and competitor price check services also available.
CV Marketing Research Inc. -- [] -- - Full-service mystery shopping and market research company serving Canada and the US. Custom designed customer service and satisfaction surveys, and secret shopping programs designed to help businesses improve their critical customer satisfaction levels
CyberShoppers NOP -- [] --
Data Quest Ltd. -- [] --
Data Quest, Ltd. -- [] -- - Monitoring customer service performance and employee honesty in a broad range of industries (Hotels, Retaurants/Bars, Retail).
Datatron -- [] --
David Sparks & Associates -- [] --
Douglas Stafford International -- [] -- - Video, telephone, and physical mystery shopping. Automotive industry specialists. Streaming video and audio results online.
DSG Associates -- [] -- Does Cingular shops
DSG Associates, Inc. -- [] -- - Mystery shopping services to the retail food service industry. Online application.
Dynamic Advantage -- [] -- - Provides mystery shopping and customer satisfaction measurement services. News archive, and monthly newsletter.
eMysteryShopper -- [] -- - Independent review of website usability and efficiency from a customer's point of view. Online application.
Evaluation Systems for Personnel -- [] -- - Provides mystery shopping and sales training services. [Houston]
Eyes R Us Inc. -- [] --
Feedback Plus, Inc. -- [] -- - Customized mystery shopping programs.
Focus on Service -- [] --
Franchise Compliance Inc -- [] --
Frontline Shoppers Inc. -- [] -- - Offering mystery shopping and merchandising compliance evaluations. Also consumer research and training services.
Full Scope Mystery Shopping -- [] --
G3 Mystery Shopping -- [] --
Game Film Consultants -- [] -- - Video mystery shopping.
Gapbuster -- [] -- Does Mcdonalds, Radio Shack. Low pay, but not A bad place to start.
Grantham Orilio & Associates -- [] --
Graymark Security Group -- [] --
Greet America Inc. -- [] --
Greet America Mystery Shopping -- [] -- - Conducts many types of evaluations and surveys across North America.
Guest Check -- [] -- - Offers mystery shopping investigative services exclusively to hotels, restaurants, and resorts.
Hidden Concepts Inc. -- [] -- - Mystery shopping and secret evaluating in person, online, by telephone or via competitive shopping. Case studies, tips and publications. Company profile and contacts.
Hilli Dunlap Enterprises -- [] -- - Services offered, contact details, and application to be a shopper.
Hindsight -- [] -- - Business evaluations by mystery shoppers, customer service information collectors, local and US national. Comparison graphs for managers.
Howard Services Service Sleuths -- [] --
ICC - Decision Services -- [] -- - Mystery shopping and merchandising solutions. Services retail and restaurant industry. Programs customized to meet the objectives and budget of customers.
ICU Associates Inc. -- [] -- - Provides services in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico to fast food chains, restaurants, airports, and convenient stores. Also provides private investigations in the US. Shopper application available.
Image Checkers -- [] -- - Providers of mystery shopping services.
Imaginus Training & Development Inc. -- [] -- - Mystery shopping, web shopping, training, motivational seminars, and focus groups.
imyst -- [] --
Imyst, Inc. -- [] -- - Provides customized mystery shopping services for automotive dealerships, retail locations, restaurants, hotels and apartments, telephone programs, and customer service evaluation.
Infinity Assurance Group -- [] --
Infotel -- [] -- - Serving retailers, restaurant/quick-serve, manufacturing and service industries with custom-designed mystery shopping programs.
Inland Retail Services -- [] -- - Specialists in mystery shopping and merchandising services. Includes services and contacts.
Instant Reply -- [] --
IntelliShop -- [] -- - Wide range of mystery shopping services, on-site, telephone and web-based to the retail industry. Online application.
ITS (Incognito) -- [] -- - Offers assessment of customer service, call handling and sales skills through the implementation of mystery customer programs. Specialising in the hospitality industry.
J. E. Lowery Professional Services Corporation -- [] -- - Customized mystery shopping services.
J.M. Ridgeway Co. -- [] -- - A market research and mystery shopping company providing national coverage.
Jancyn Evaluation Shops -- [] -- - Secret shopping services used by the retail, restaurant and rental housing industry.
JC & Associates -- [] --
JKS Mystery Shopping Ltd -- [] -- - Offers mystery shopping for retail, leisure and tourism sectors. List of services, profile and contacts.
Ken Rich Retail Group -- [] --
Kinesis CEM, Redefining the Customer Experience -- [] -- - Web-based reporting that targets all levels of an enterprise. Mystery shopping, focus groups, web-site pop up surveys, telephone interviews and customer feedback.
LeBlanc & Associates -- [] --
Locksley Group Ltd. -- [] --
MacPherson Mystery Shopping and Research -- [] -- - A British company specializing in worldwide mystery shopping and market research.
Maritz Research -- [] --
Market Viewpoint -- [] --
Marketing Systems Unlimited Corp. -- [] -- - Details about the company, services offered and how to become a shopper.
Mars Research -- [] -- - Offers a wide variety of quantitative research studies, including mystery shopping and customer surveys.
Mass Connections -- [] --
Melinda Brody and Company -- [] --
Mercantile Systems and Surveys -- [] --
Merchandise Concepts -- [] --
Michelson & Associates -- [] --
Michelson & Associates, Inc. -- [] -- - Description of the company and services offered. Apply online to be a shopper.
Mosaic InfoForce -- [] --
Mystery Guest Inc -- [] --
Mystery Shop Inc. -- [] -- - Print, telephone, and video mystery shop services.
Mystery Shopper Metropark -- [] --
Mystery Shopper, USA -- [] -- - Sign up to be a shopper or inquire about using this business's services.
Mystery Shoppers -- [] --
Mystery Shoppers -- [] -- - Evaluates customer service and quality control. News for potential clients and shoppers, contact information, and details about the business.
Mystery Shoppers Ltd. -- [] -- - Mystery shopping and customer service training and consultancy services. UK.
Mystery Surfing -- [] -- - Independent website usability evaluation service. -- [] -- - Online tools for mystery shopping providers: web-accessible form and report editors, ftp transfer, automatic scoring of submitted forms, and report downloading in ZIP and CSV format. Monthly fee for access to these tools. Pty Limited -- [] -- - Focuses on Australian shops but also New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America.
Mystique Shopper -- [] --
Mystique Shopper LLC -- [] -- - Mystery shopping services to varied industries. Web-based reporting.
National Shopping Service -- [] -- - Mystery shopping in America and Europe.
National Shopping Service Network, LLC -- [] -- - Offers a variety of mystery shopping services.
Nationwide Services Group Inc -- [] --
Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants -- [] --
Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants -- [] -- - Restaurant, apartment and retail mystery shops. On line shopper application.
Pacific Research Group -- [] -- - Services include mystery shops, site inspections, and phone surveys.
PatronEdge -- [] --
Performance In People Ltd -- [] -- - UK-based telephone and video mystery shopping services.
Person To Person Quality -- [] -- - Provides transaction experience studies, mystery shopping, customer surveys, competitive intelligence services, and special consulting services. Apply online to be a shopper.
Petro Truck Stops -- [] --
Pinkerton Field Research Services -- [] -- - Customer service mystery shopping, marketing data collection and compliance audit programs. Apply online to be a shopper.
Power Information Gathering Services -- [] -- - UK business specializing in phone and personal visits, and mail and email inquiries to customer service departments.
Premier Service -- [] -- - A Montreal-based firm in business for over 11 years, provides mystery shopping and consulting services across Canada, the US and Puerto Rico.
Presence Quality Mystery Shopping -- [] -- - Specialists of network assessments.
Promotion Network Inc. -- [] --
PROS Professional Review & Operational Shoppes Inc. -- [] --
PulseBack -- [] --
Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, LLC -- [] -- - Details how to become a customer and receive feedback on quality service, how to stimulate word-of-mouth, and suggestive selling.
Quality Assurance Consulting -- [] --
Quality Consultants, Inc -- [] -- - Conducts mystery shopping and quality reports for restaurants and lodging facilities.
Quality Eye Mystery Shopping -- [] -- - A UK-based company providing telephone audits, mystery shopping, website evaluations, and competitor comparisons for the retail and public sector.
Quality Insurance Inspection Specialists -- [] --
QualityWorks Associates -- [] --
QualityWorks Associates -- [] -- - A market research organization that conducts surveys and mystery shopping.
Quest for Best -- [] --
Reality Check Mystery Shopper -- [] --
Reality Quality Assurance -- [] --
Restaurant Cops LLC -- [] --
Restaurant Evaluators, Inc. -- [] -- - Customer feedback and evaluation services. Company profile, news and contacts.
Retail Biz Consulting -- [] --
Retail Maxim -- [] -- - UK-based mystery shopping services including competitor visits and internet and telephone shopping.
Retail Rapport Ltd. -- [] -- - Mystery shopping agency. List of services, details about applying, and contact information.
RetailTrack -- [] -- - Retail, service, hospitality and call center mystery shopping.
Richey International -- [] -- - Quality management programs to enhance performance, measure product quality, and maintain brand stature.
Rickie Kruh Research and Marketing Group -- [] --
Ritter & Associates -- [] --
Rocky Mountain Merchandising -- [] --
Satisfaction Services, inc. -- [] -- - Providing customized quality and service evaluation programs (a concept of mystery shopping) to restaurant, hospitality, retail, and service companies. Online service available.
Schryver Enterprises. LLC -- [] -- - Develops and customizes training courses in customer satisfaction, and provides mystery shopping services.
Second To None, Inc. -- [] -- #NAME?
Secret ShopNET -- [] -- - Mystery shopping services. Apply online.
Secret Shopping Company -- [] --
Secret Shopping Services -- [] --
Secret Shopping Services -- [] -- - Specializes in retail, restaurant, malls, jewelers, coffee houses, integrity issues and customer service audits. Company profile and contacts.
Secret Sleuths -- [] -- - Services offered, staff, contact details, and shopper application.
Sensor Quality Management Inc. -- [] -- - Mystery shopping services with either local residents or shoppers who have experience in a particular industry. Information for clients; application form for prospective shoppers.
Service Advantage International -- [] --
Service Alliance -- [] --
Service Alliance, Inc. -- [] -- - Provides mystery shopping services to a variety of industries throughout the United States.
Service Check -- [] --
Service Check -- [] -- - Customer service audits performed throughout North America.
Service Evaluation -- [] --
Service Evaluation -- [] -- - Provides a comprehensive solution for keeping on top of the front line.
Service Evaluation Concepts -- [] --
Service Excellence Group -- [] -- - Provides customer service development through mystery shops, customer service/management/sales training, personalized consultation, and a quarterly training publication. Find contact information, list of services, and details for potential shoppers and
Service Impressions -- [] --
Service Intelligence, Inc. -- [] -- - Provides actionable, real-time Internet-based mystery shopping and performance assessment across all of North America.
Service Performance Group -- [] --
Service Performance Group -- [] -- - Mystery shopper program designed to objectively measure employee customer service skills, sales skills, product knowledge and other related criteria.
Service Research Corporation -- [] --
Service Sleuths by Howard Roberts -- [] --
ServiceProbe -- [] --
ServiceSense -- [] -- - Service evaluation programs and customer care consulting for restaurants, retail stores, service businesses and call centers.
ServiceTRAC, Inc. -- [] -- - National and international mystery shopping and full service market research firm providing market analysis, measurements and solution services.
SG Marketing Group -- [] -- - Company description, services offered, and online shopper application.
Shadow Shopper Agency -- [] -- - Video mystery shopping company. Shoppers wear microvideo equipment to record interactions. Services, press releases and news, dealers, and contact information.
Shop'n Chek -- [] -- - Offers mystery shopping and market research services for customer satisfaction measurement in Australia and New Zealand. profile and contacts.
Shop'n Chek International -- [] -- - Mystery shopping and market research services for customer satisfaction measurement.
Shopper Anonymous -- [] -- - Australian mystery shopping organization.
Shoppers Inc. -- [] --
Shoppers Critique International -- [] -- - Provides independent customer service evaluations by using guest mystery shoppers to evaluate employee performance. Details about services and industries served, mystery shopping details, FAQs and contact information.
Shoppers' View -- [] -- - Provides mystery shopping on site and by telephone to the retail industry. Online application.
Shoppers, Inc. -- [] -- - Mystery shopper services to bank, restaurant and retail industries. Employee incentive plans and surveys. Online application and shopper resource.
Sights on Service -- [] --
Sinclair Service Assessments -- [] -- - Company provides mystery shopping services throughout the U.S. and abroad. Site includes a sign-up area for shoppers.
Sipe and Associates -- [] -- - Provides customer service evaluations, mystery or secret shopping services.
SNEAK PEAKms -- [] -- - Offers a variety of customized mystery shopper and caller services.
Sonya's Mystery Shoppers -- [] -- - Has some current jobs, a polling area where shoppers can rate shopping companies, and a private list of companies looking for shoppers (list is available for a fee).
Sparagowski & Associates -- [] --
Speedmark Information Services -- [] --
Speedmark Information Services -- [] -- - Marketing services company that specializes in providing customized data collection for Consumer Products Manufacturers and multi-unit retailers. Services offered, and mystery shopper application.
Spies in Disguise -- [] --
Support Financial Resources, Inc. -- [] -- - Customer-driven mystery shopping and consultative services specializing in the financial services industry.
Sutter Marketing -- [] -- - Mystery shopping and compliance audits powered by Palm technology with digital photo documentation. Website accessable data. Find details about the business, services offered, and contact information.
SystemChec by Orillio & Associates -- [] --
Tenox Appraisal Systems -- [] -- - Customer satisfaction measurement specialists.
Tern Consultancy -- [] -- - Works with retailers to improve and track customer service primarily by developing corporate standards and providing mystery shopping.
TES/Rapid Chek -- [] --
Texas Shoppers Network -- [] --
The Field Force -- [] --
The Hotel Shopping Network -- [] -- - Provider of hotel mystery shopping and sales training services to the hospitality industry.
The Insight Group International -- [] -- - Provides food and beverage service evaluations and full property evaluations for hotels.
The Kirandt Group, LLC -- [] -- - Offers mystery shopping and competitive intelligence services exclusively the casino gaming industry.
The Performance Edge, Inc -- [] -- - Mystery Shopping services. Customer Service Feedback. Online application.
The Secret Shopper Company -- [] -- - Offers a full range of secret shopping services, with reports tailored to motivate rather than criticize. Online training required for all shoppers.
The Service Quality Department -- [] --
The Soloman Group -- [] --
TNS Intersearch -- [] --
Trend Source -- [] --
U.S. Mystery Shoppers, Inc. -- [] -- - Offers services to retail and service industries in the United States. Online application.
Verification Roberte Inc. -- [] -- - Providing mystery shopping, customer service evaluation, surveys and analysis. Specializing in retail and food industries. Covers Canada and USA.
Video Eyes -- [] --
Video Stars Real Time Video Training -- [] - Hidden camera video captures real-time employee interactions to improve customer service, sales, and other target areas.
Webbtech Data -- [] - Quality assurance company specializing in mystery and comparison shopping.
Westcoast Mystery Shopping -- [] - Specializes in serving smaller retail chains throughout North America.

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Here's a list of companies that use the sassie mystery shopping system...
This probably isn't the place for this comment, but I read where people 'decline' jobs they are offered. This is a 'no no' for shoppers. Just do not accept, if you decline, it goes against you.

Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your gasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."
(Nathaniel Hawthorne)
That list is awesome----my goal is to do about 300$ a month . for gas money ----(smile) with this list shouldn't be a problem!!!
I love to dine out & to do some shopping in the St. Peters, & St Charles MO area. I am available anytime & would like to work enough to make an additional $250 - $300 a week extra. If there are any companies that are looking for shoppers in this area, please let me know. I would also be interested in doing some typing from home. DO NOT WANT TO PAY TO GET A JOB!!!
I am interested in mystery shopping in Northeast Mississippi and I don't have any money to pay to get into it. I want to MAKE money, not spend it on hot ideas about how I can earn more money. When a person goes out and gets a job, he doesn't need to pay somebody to hire him, does he? Well, I'm not interested if I have to pay anybody to get me a job!!
Although I have just started doing shops, in general they are fun! I walk with canes, so I find it VERY interesting to watch reactions when I am doing a mystery shop. I would really like to find more to do, but unfortunately we live in a rural area, and have to drive pretty far to do them.
I especially like GfK (roper), but I have found CRI does not pay very well for the amount of work required to do. GAPbusters pays well (I think) for the shop, although reimbursement is not always in full.
Thank you for this list, it will be "fun" to see how many of them I am already registered with.
Shoppers Confidential is a full-service mystery shopping company located in Ontario, Canada serving Canada and the U.S. They specialize in Retail, Hospitality and Service Industries. New mystery shoppers are welcome to apply (4 free) at
This is wonderful and great thanks so very much. Can one subscribe to your news letter or information source? I shall look to hear from you, Thank You.
I have found the Sassie Shops to be some of the better companies. CRI pays too little and expects alot.
Is there anyway to segment the lists by areas? Some companies don't do the Southwest but are eastern in nature.
This is AWESOME thank you so much. I am just starting MS (have done 4) in the last month and haven't been paid yet. Do they all want your SSI# and bank account numbers? I would rather not provide those items until I have the job. This is the only thing I'm not crazy about because ID theft.
My husband told me that mystery shops should pay for car expenses. The ones that I have worked for do not. Which ones do? I have done assignments for DSG, Informars, Sassie, Maritz none have even considered use of my vehicle. I'm just paid a straight fee and thats it. Please please tell me the ones who do pay for car expenses. I think this would be fair. Just because I'm disabled doesnt mean I should be treated as less than a whole person, do you? Thank YOU
I have just read that some mystery shops pay car expenses. The ones that I have worked for do not. Which ones do? I have done assignments for DSG, Informars, Sassie, Maritz the use of my vehicle has never come up. I'm just paid a straight fee and thats it. Please please tell me the ones who do pay for car expenses. I think this would be fair. Just because I'm disabled doesn't mean I should be treated as less than a whole person. And after reading that mystery shops do pay car expenses, I was totally blown away. Thank You, thank you, thank you, Sincerely
At the mystery shopping company websites there is usually a form you fill out to apply to work for the companies...

Look for those forms and fill them out! Some of the companies will contact you with assignments...
Some of these companies listed are requiring money to join, don"t I mean do not pay to for joining any mystery job link companies. These companies are scammers.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful list which is most helpful while searching for the mystery shops to apply to. It is such a good feeling to be an independent contractor to one or all mystery shop companies. No more stuffed shirts to answer to, no more board meetings to take the minutes for, no more bosses to point a finger at me, yippie!!!! This is the best job and I wouldn't even call it work, it's all about shopping. Some companies pay a little more then others. Most reports are fast and easy. Establising paypal is great. Your account builds up fast and your monies get transfered to your savings, there is no banking unless of course you shop a bank. Thanks a million again for this opportunity of finally enjoying something I like to do while gettting paid for it.
You have a great list and I have looked at allot of lists. And remember that you never pay to any compeny to work for them or get a list. This list here is the best you are going to get to get you started. I am a Gold Certified mysteryshopper and this is the way to go.
I just got ripped for $4770.00 from a step above service evaluations. Beware. I was mailed a check and asked to wait till it cleared to run some transactions using money gram and to canadas. Stupid me I am now in debt to my bank for the money. Jason Wells is the person I spoke to. 778-317-2758

Be careful it could happen to anyone. I have filled a criminal investigation against the company
Looking for Something I can do from home.. And don't want to pay to get a J.O.B. Any Other Ideas Would be appreasheaded... I am Filling out as many forms as posibble for the mistery shoppers too, hope it PAYS
As far as social security: Dont give our your number unless you have checked with the bbb. I always put 99999999 and I tell the companies when I get to the 599.99 mark I will provide. But if you sign up with a bunch of them you won't need to submit your ss#.(Un less you plan to stick with one company-as soon as you see yourself at 500.00 stop doing shops with them until the following year.) You never have to claim the money unless you make over 599.99

Also pay pal has a system that they will cut you a check,if you dont feel comfortable with giving your info. They charge you a dollar and it comes out of your pay you have with the company. So before signing up you can ask if the company uses check or paypal and check with BBB or Chambers of Commerce for the company legal status.

Hopes this helps. OH by the way find out if you dont submit the info fast enough or accurate how much will they deduct. BEstmark took 5.00 from my 10.00 shop. NOt worth it. They should understand computers break down . One last thing always put something in each box.
Trish, the libraries, cyber cafe's and Kinko have cumputers to use. I have paid to send my reports on time. I believe the cost is a business expense, therefore deductable. AND most important it keeps your working relationship with the company secure. We as shoppers have to remember the company we work with have deadlines, too. They are independant contractors serving the companies we shop for them.
I need help I'm new with the company and I deposited the check that they sent me and now the bank is say that the check was no good and my account is on hold. This is messing up my life as I type this reply. I called the company and all I get is I'll talk to my manageer. Some one send me some advice on what to do.
Companies don't send you monney ahead of time to cover your expenses, you run into one scam that keeps on mutating. The address they give is Canada, but is not true, somebody buys a cell phone in Canada and uses it for the scam, this peiple as far as my bank told me, are in Africa.
The thing to do was to verify with the banck manager before depositing and using the "funds". I got it too, that is how I got all the information, I research the company with the bbb and it didn't exist, the check was almost a perfect copy of an existing company and I e-mail them.
I have been with Trend Source for many years. They are a great company to work for. Pay is fairly low but if you travel they will pay. It cost me nothing to start with them. I am also with a few others. I am now part time employed so I don't do it much. Hope this helps. Do not ever pay to become a shopper, The good services are free to work for. Be ware of the amount you make. You will be responsible for all your own taxes.
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