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I am thinking about doing my first quality of life shop. I've seen some threads on the company but I would like some more information. Can anyone provide information on the length of the the reports and how long they take to fill out. Also if you would be willing to perform one of their shops again. Thanks for your response in advance!

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Despite an offer of help from the Quality Assurance manager, I had a negative experience with Service Scouts. They offered minimal money for a very lengthy page report they wanted completed. Even after it took me almost 2 hours to complete the online report, they wanted me to spend even more time on additional edits. While I understand their need to get information to their clients, I am not sure the time needed to complete the report to their specifications was worth my time and effort. After I informed the Quality Assurance Manager, my account was disabled. Lol. We were thinking alike on that one!

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The reports take a while to complete. Be prepared to give very specific information. Also, be sure to completely review the shop requirements over and over before you. go. This company may work well for you, but it didn't for me.

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BMoss2014 -
Check the threads linked by "More Discussions About Service Scouts Mystery Shopping" underneath your post. The two shops I did for them were the two hardest reports I've ever completed, probably 6-8 hours of drafting and subsequent editing. That said, I was able to share a bucket list item with a guest on each shop, and would never have been able to afford it otherwise. The support from the scheduler was the best of any company that I've worked for - had her personal cell number and used it while conducting the shop.
I am still waiting to talk to someone they have sent me a bill for the job of over $200, this is the only company that you have to pay them for the work that you do (if they do not like it) be very careful.

Could you be more specific. I never shopped for this company, but find this interesting. Why would you get a bill of $200?

Please remember your confidentiality agreement. Please review the information that was sent to you.

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Tracy A. Keller
Quality Assurance Coordinator
I am a scheduler/ coordinator for Service Scouts. I am not sure what you mean by a "Quality of Life" shop- we do not have any shops and have not had any shops by this name in the past. Care to share?

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Tracy A. Keller
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Quality of life would be shops that were for the experience rather than the pay. Fine dining, cruises, sporting events, hotels, etc.
I've done a few shops for Tracy at Service Scouts and from this experience, I will say that the reports are fairly lengthy and require very detailed information. If you take good notes on the shop, I would estimate that it would take 60-75 minutes to complete the report.
I'm new to this forum and fairly new to Service Scouts. I did two shops in September (9/1 and 9/20). Per the agreement, I expected to be paid by the end of October. When I didn't receive pay and contacted my scheduler, she said they send checks out after the first of the month and I should receive it by the 10th. No check today. I emailed her again and got an email response that she no longer works for Service Scouts. On the website, both shops show payment status as "Approved" but not "Paid". The scheduler (or whoever is responding to her email or the automated response or whatever) gave me another email to send to. I have not yet heard back from that person.

Have shoppers who worked in September been paid yet? If you've been shopping for them a while, when do you see your pay? I have to admit waiting 70 days for payment in this day and age seems ludicrous to me. I asked why they don't PayPal or Direct Deposit, but never got a response. I have not accepted any more shops for them (they owe me for a total of 4 -- 2 in September and 2 in October) and am getting a really bad feeling about this. These are not big ticket shops, but it's still work I did that I have not received agreed-upon payment for

Any feedback from people who have been working for them a while?
Worst mystery shopping experience ever. Takes way too much time for the amount of hours needed to complete the shop and the report, esp. if it has to have edits.
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