Troy Dolan website problems

For the past couple of weeks any time I try to go to the Troy Dolan website I get a message that their security certificate has expired and I should not proceed. Doesn't matter which browser I use--Chrome or Internet Explorer. As a result, I could not perform at least 4 shops.

I advised the scheduler that I would not go to the site until the security issue was solved, but no response.
Anyone else having this problem or gotten any information about it?

Thanks for any info. Things with this company used to run like clockwork but the last 2 months...not so much.

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Good Morning,

I have noticed the same message once I try to log into their system. Once I finally get through this is what is posted : All mystery shoppers for Customer-1st and BMA now login at this Troy Dolan Group website. Please bookmark it for future use.

Customer 1st is now a subsidiary of Business Evaluation Services. We are in the process of merging the clients together and are currently working on shopper payments and billings. We hope to have the shopper pay for June shops out by the end of this week. Moving forward, our payment policy will change as the Customer 1st shops will adopt the Business Evaluation payment policy.
The Business Evaluation Services payment policy is as follows (but please note that we have been running closer to 35 days):

Company pays for all properly completed shops within 45 Days from the approved/edited date of said shop unless otherwise noted in shop notes}. Contractor understands that they will be paid via PayPal only and that it is their responsibility to make sure their correct PayPal email is in their profile under their demographics page and that their PayPal account is active and in good standing. A W9 and a hard copy of the Independent Contractor’s Agreement will be required from each shopper. Please email your request for a copy of the forms to front page

They don't have any assignments posted at this time at least not in my area and I live in a metropolitan area.
Thanks bougieblondie - I am aware of their purchase by BES and even after that the website worked fine until the past couple of weeks. I personally won't go past the security certificate warning...too much risk these days. I usually do 5 or 6 convenience store shops per month with them. Happy shopping!
Try isecretshopper they are connected with a lot of companies that you may find some extra assignments.
Seems like they finally got the web site fixed if they will just get their payments back on time...
The site was finally resolved. My Scheduler was able to get me into the site to complete my report. I also would not go into site until it was resolved.
I can't access their site because my virus protector flagged it as a threat, and wouldn't let me proceed.
It seems that they are having the same problem now, Dec. 1st, 2014. I will not ignore the warning as I am not willing to take any chances with my computer. I can not even find a phone number to give them a call. As far as I am concerned, this does not bode well.
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