Giving SSN is one thing, but my State ID online, not comfortable.

Giving SSN is one thing, but not sure about putting my State photo ID online. I have an EIN, but unless I'm driving a vehicle, it should not be a requirement (besides, I would show that ID to the Auto Sales shop for my test drive not to the MSC, afterall I am an Independent Contractor). I do not want my Driver's License published online. So that is one more reason not to work for this MSC.

My SSN has been verified for several years without this requirement for dozens upon dozens of MSCs.

I was just on GB website profile page and they openly displayed my routing and checking account number, not just the last four! (At least the other MSC companies have a layer of privacy before the banking info is revealed). If someone has all my info in one is not like I can be assured some encryption, like on high end online financial websites.

Anyone else starting to feel that they are over reaching?

I can understand about the W9 immigration status, but on the Soc#, your name must match up and the Soc Sec Dept has a fair idea if your last known address matches to verify you. I don't even like in-person Employers making a photocopy of my Driver's License (which there is some talk that this is a no-no) when they have me fill out a W9 at time of employment. That is also an Employer - Employee relationship, not an Independent Contractor status.

Post your feelings on this. For me, I have a clean DMV record but I do not want to make it easier and easier for crooks to get my info. Already GB was impersonated...I think I will go back over to that site and delete chunks of my profile...I guess it matters not since they already have much of it.

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Here's the real beauty of being an IC... You can choose who you work for and who you work with.

If you don't like their requirements, deactivate, delete your info, work for others.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
There certainly are companies that want a whole lot more information than I am willing to give, or they want me to accept payments in forms I am unwilling to accept, or they want me to go places where it is unsafe for me to go at the times they want it. No is a very easy word, and I don't even need to say it, I just don't bother with those folks.
nanabelle Wrote:
> who is GB??

WHEW! I'm glad I'm not the only one that read that post like 3 times trying to figure that out.

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