Insula Research Acquired by Mystery Researchers

Has anyone else received an email about Insula Research being acquired by Mystery Researchers? I received one today, and it linked to this release by Mystery Researchers: []

I don't see any information in the Insula website about this. This would be disappointing, as Insula has always been great to work with.

I haven't worked with Mystery Researchers yet. Has anyone shopped with them before? What was your experience with them?

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I have shopped for RSG and they are great. I saw on their website that they had acquired Insula.

Should be interesting, no?
RSG pays very quickly by MSC standards -- usually within 2 weeks.

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.
Thanks for the feedback. I'm always up for companies that pay in two weeks. I hope they keep the same type of jobs that Insula currently has.
@ vabvol ~ Just a FYI, many "seasoned" shoppers still refer to Mystery Researchers as RSG (Research Services Group.) RSG was the old name. That can be a bit confusing to a new shopper.

Mystery Researchers is an excellent company to work for. They do pay quickly but they do have a shorter time frame for shopping and quicker deadlines. The bank shops I do for them have a 9 PM same day deadline. That bank closes at 6 PM so I usually can not schedule other shops, especially a dinner shop for the same night. But it is worth it as long as you stay on top on things.

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