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Does anyone else get exasperated with them ?

They have jobs I would like to do but they rarely ever get back to me in a timely fashion. When I apply for jobs that may be the next day or even two days out I hear nothing ... then suddenly halfway through the date they are due I find out I have been assigned.

What is with their schedulers? They seem very unresponsive and WAY slow.

It looks like I can never schedule anything with them that isn't many days out - if even then. Aggravating.

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Looks like you're in the same boat of them waiting for Not-Me.

RBG, just put out already! Prince Charming ain't coming!

In all seriousness, there is a shop of theirs that I admit I nab every time it pops up. This round though, it looks like they're holding out for fresh meat. My app has been in for a few days and no response yet.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
Maybe I am too new with them, but have done several jobs in the first few months so far and haven't ever waited longer that 24 hours. Either that, or I'm one of their only shoppers in town. Works for me so far, anyway.


Could I have a receipt please?
BBird0701 - Is that the one where there are two parts, two separate reports?

That is the one where the schedulers just plain do NOT respond. It is ridiculous.
No, this is the low-fee dessert shop that I take every time it shows up. I'm a fatty, I love desserts. smiling smiley

Plan the work. Work the plan.
It happened to me, the last round of shops, it took the scheduler 3 days after I applied and
out of 4 shops I was only assigned 1. Time for me to say good-bye to them. They don't
pay that great for their shops, so no great loss. Another MSC that I'm removing myself from.

I think I may have to do the same. This last one I sent a very specific message about how I could ONLY
do a set of jobs - for a specific date and only if I got all of them as it would not be worth the drive - and to please let me know if that was possible.

What does she do? Not answer my question of course but go ahead and assign me most of them and due 2 days earlier than what I had asked for. WTF ... do they not read or not care or a combination of both?

I think I am done with them - maybe only do the bank shops as that scheduler seems to be on the ball.
I have been having the same problem. I am a new shopper for them so I figured they are holding out for someone better. After being rejected for the first round of shops, I applied for one of the shops that no one took. They gave that one to me and I scored a 9 and 10. This round they changed the dates but I did get one of my first picks. WOO WOO! The problem is they assign the project on 9/7 in the afternoon when the dates are 9/7 to 9/10. Cutting it close!
Have you noticed a pattern with the RBG schedulers? In my area, their shops are scheduled by independent schedulers from two different scheduling companies. One scheduling company responds and assigns quickly. The schedulers at the other scheduling company are slow, as described above.
Well, I did get a nice message from a scheduler offering to help with the issue and we have worked it out satisfactorily.

Apparently clients sometimes put shops on "hold" right in the middle of things (even though they are showing as available on the board) and it kind of makes a mess for the schedulers.

We think there are jobs to be done and that we are just being ignored by the schedulers, but in truth these jobs aren't "really" available. Seems to be a very odd way of doing things. You would think they would just put a delayed "start" date (do not shop before date) so shoppers would know these jobs were not going to fit in the route they were trying to make that week (or for the day or whatever).
I am growing to dislike companies that use independent schedulers.. so far my experience has been that MSCs with independent schedulers are extremely slow at responding to applications. I don't think it is always the case of Not-Me as I applied for many shops that no one else took for weeks and never heard back.

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Dunno but my experience has been complete opposite...

Steak shops n hair cuts... Pay on time n scheduler robin is a real quick w replies

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