Strategic Reflections

Background: My father passed away very expectantly in August. He lives in Georgia and I live in Illinois. When I got the call that he was in critical condition, I dropped everything and went to Georgia. So I "flaked" out of quite a few shops with different companies. Every other company has been thoroughly understanding.

I had 4 shops scheduled for Strategic Reflections for 4 consecutive days. I did the first one. Submitted my report. The next morning was when I got the call so I missed 3 shops for them. I understand that this was probably super inconvenient for them. I emailed them as soon as I could (I didn't bring my laptop as I was in a rush, so it was a few days). I never received a response and I haven't been able to log in to their website since.

Fine, whatever.

But will I still get paid for the one shop I did complete? I spent money on something I wouldn't normally buy because they were reimbursing.

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I would email or call someone again about regaining your status with them, if you'd like to continue working with them. Above the scheduler you dealt with on this one.

I am very, very sorry to hear about your father.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
So sorry for your loss. I lost my parents about 4 years ago. Who cares about Strategic Reflections?! I think if it was me and I really wanted to keep working with them I'd send a copy of the death certificate.
Ah, you're probably right. It's kinda silly to be worried about it right now. I think I'm still in paperwork/get-things-done mode (I'm the executor of his estate and he kept -every- piece of business mail ever.. it's been challenging).

Definitely not sending a death certificate. I could send them a link to his online obit though, it has the dates on it. I'm not really worried about working for them again, just getting paid for the ones I did. I think I'll try to go higher up as suggested in a week or two just to see if they will reinstate (or at least get confirmation that I'll be paid).

Thanks to you both!

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Strategic Reflections is very understanding. They're a great company. Just call or email them.
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