Customer Service Experts- only Post Security Airport?

Does this company only do post security security airport shops? That's all I ever get from them!

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It's a real pleasure getting 58 emails for the same airport every day. NOT!

I almost want to book a flight and take that shop just so the emails stop.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
My first work for them ever was actually a circuit of completely pre-security locations at the big airport nearest my home. Now I do both pre and post for them, they arrange a gate pass at the particular airport in question. I guess they may not have that ability at every airport.
Out here (Oregon) they have one set of shops that's *completely* different, and one of my favorite-est shops.

But mostly I get the post-security emails, yeah. smiling smiley

Oh, and they also do currency exchange shops at various places, some of which are NOT airports.

And, there's a random odd-ball shop here and there.

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I have done one shop for them, and it was evaluating the demonstration of a high end small appliance. They also have golf and window covering shops in my area.

Thanks to all the forum members!
From my experience working with them, they specialize in airports and shopping malls. They work with a number of operators of airport terminal 'shopping malls'. One of the good things is that you can grab a circuit of shops, which will make a day of it, and the money they pay is competitive. Granted, getting a number of emails about open locations at airports across the country isn't the best, but then again, if I am travelling, and able to pick up a filler while walking through an airport is a pretty good thing.

Philadelphia Based, covering Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland
They have quite a variety of type of shops, including services and organizations, as well as airport and other retail.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

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