Should I start worrying about my ATH payment yet?

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New round of drive-thru teller shops out in my area. I hesitated a bit before self-assigning three of them. I feel like I shouldn't be working for them because of this whole late payment situation, yet since I do my banking there anyway, figured I'd do drive-thru teller shops. I think I'll 10-foot-pole the banker shops though, if and when they come out.
Here, this past month's bank shops have been bonused, after sitting on the board too long - something I don't recall seeing before. Maybe shoppers are gun shy taking shops due to slow payments and lack of communication. I hesitated also, poofoo, but did take a platform - just one.
I saw both phone and drive through today. Checked the date on the drive through. It is very soon. I have no need to go to that bank on or before the deadline, so I passed due to the pay issue. If I needed to go anyway I would have taken the one closest to me as it is an easy shop. But I would not have bothered with more than one.
The shop log says I was paid on the 17th of last month for a shop the beginning of September. When I inquired about it last week they swore the check went out last Tuesday. When it still hadn't arrived on Monday, someone in bookkeeping said she would "personally" cut me a check yesterday and mail it.

I've gotten no confirmation that she actually did so, however.
I'm joining the club.

Did FOUR jobs first week in September. Log says I was paid on October 17. Nothing.....I contacted someone who sent me a link to a form to fill out for payment problems, which I did three days ago. No response, no check.

I won't be doing jobs for ATH anymore. This is ridiculous to have to wait over two months to be paid and have to worry about it.

Still waiting,

PS - the person who had a phone number would you mind sharing it? If I don't receive anything by Monday, I'll be calling them.
Whats worse is last night I got an e-mail from ATH saying that all shops for this round were due Wednesday night, no exceptions, and then the e-mail said you had to reply to the e-mail or they would assume you were not going to do the shop. I basically e-mailed them back and told them that I was doing the shop today, and that they needed to chill out. Ok, didn't say the last part but thought it. Amazing how we are expected to meet a tight deadline yet they can't even pay when they say they will.
tgb Wrote:
> The shop log says I was paid on the 17th of last
> month for a shop the beginning of September. When
> I inquired about it last week they swore the check
> went out last Tuesday. When it still hadn't
> arrived on Monday, someone in bookkeeping said she
> would "personally" cut me a check yesterday and
> mail it.
> I've gotten no confirmation that she actually did
> so, however.

By my calculations, you will probably get it on the 7th of this month. Last month, my shops for August said they were paid on the 5th, and I received the check on the 26th.
My October 5th payment check arrived on the 23rd. The check date was 9/30 and postmarked for 10/19?????????

lisams901 Wrote:
> I just did shops for ATH for the first time in
> early August. According to the site, I was paid
> for those shops on Oct 5th.
> I read here though that it usually takes quite a
> bit of time after your ATH log says paid and when
> you actually get the check.
> It's been two weeks. Should I keep waiting
> patiently or maybe call or email and ask about it?

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I got my October 17th check yesterday. Strange that it came about a week after the October 5 check. Was glad to see it though...
I'm no longer accepting shops for Ath. Too many issues, low fees, slow to pay. Not worth my time, which I also have less of these days.
I'm thinking ATH is definitely freaking out and getting desperate. They are still sending out begging and pleading e-mails for people to do shops. They typically have let me turn in my reports WELL after the 5 hour deadline (because it's flat out impossible for me to make a deadline like that) and today I got an e-mail saying if I didn't have my report submitted within like 2 hours of the e-mail it would not be accepted. It was for a shop I did yesterday. Yes it is overdue, but at this point I really don't care what that company thinks of me since I half wonder if all of the money they owe me is even going to come through.
I just figure if I agree to do something then I have the obligation to do it. When I feel the company has not held up their end of the deal I will not agree to do further work unless it is absolutely 'no skin off my nose'. I looked at their bank shops and had the drive throughs had more than a 3-4 day out window I would have taken one because I would be there anyway in about 6 days. But since that was not the time frame I was not interested and certainly would NOT make a special trip or stop. The 5 hours has been a thorn for some time, but if I agree to the shop I will do it at the end of a route to buy myself more time once I am home to get it reported 'in a timely fashion'.
I see what you are saying Flash. Normally I would adhere to deadlines, but that 5 hour is absolutely absurd considering they typically give me like 4 shops to do in a day and my evenings just plain are not free. ATH knows I never get anything in by their deadline yet I still get calls and begging and pleading to do shops for them..... AND I even have a 7 rating, which, from what I hear, is rare with them considering getting any sort of rating over 5 requires some sort of special favor. This just is not a company that is run well at all. Also, I would have a much easier time getting those reports in if they weren't such a freaking mess. I mean, they put in several areas to write 4-5 sentences detailing the same things over and over. It's just so redundant I could crawl out of my skin. Then again, I did this to myself, taking more of their shops. I guess I will just have to turn off the e-mail notifications. Uggh.
I have never missed a deadline with them nor asked for an extension. I have never gotten feedback from them good/bad or indifferent. I have no idea what my rating is with them as none of the shops I have done for them have ever been scored. But I can agree with you wholeheartedly that it is "not a company that is run well at all." They are generally late to get jobs posted, so there is little leeway to get the work done. They are slow to award shops requested. The quality of information to report IMHO is perfunctory. 5 hour turn around is I believe the shortest in the industry. They are slow to pay even when they are on schedule. Their fees keep going down for the same work. I just find myself ignoring their emails unless I am terminally bored because there is nothing there that is attractive or speaks to a working partnership with shoppers.
You guys all have to be mind readers this has got to be more than just coincidence for so many shoppers to show up with the same gripes. I will say this ATH by far has got to be one of the slowest to date shops that I have done and no doubt they will continue to be that ,just slow the person who says it's been 82 days and counting my check took about 6 months, also that I drove an additional 30 miles to do! I know that there are no basic guidelines or union to regulate these companies so they do get shoppers that aren't standardized to the work that's being performed and it's those that will do the small shops that basically keeps the pay where it is but also understandably folks got to eat!
Okay guys the up date is that I took on about 8 more shops for Ath, my scheduler whom I adore called me the other day and said could I help out with a lot of overdue shops and she's even given a bonus for a few for me so I guess I am a sucker for a sad story Ha! Ha! The beauty is that I will probably be right back here in a couple of months with someone else saying Darn! ATH is sssooo slow!
I'm actually a little surprised at the experiences people have had with ATH. I've been shopping with ATH for a while, and the past month, I received 2 checks for shops done in September and October, which is slow....But otherwise, I've never had any problems with them in terms of meeting a 5 hour deadline. I don't think I've ever submitted a shop within 5 hours!
I usually do at least 5 shops a month with them and the scheduler I work with is typically very responsive.
Perhaps you have never had problems submitting late reports, but when a company is specific that they expect 5, 12, 24 hour reporting, that is what I am agreeing to do and I do intend to hold up my end of the contract to the letter. Anything other than doing that they do have the right to reject. When I have held up my end of the contract, I expect them to do so as well, and that includes payment in a reasonable period of time, without need for my requesting or demanding it.
I have figured out what I can get away with with ATH. I, like Joanna, haven't submitted a report on time since shortly after I began with that company. Is it right that I submit late reports? I suppose not, if you're going on principle. But then they are assigning me way more than the maximum allowed amount of like 4 shops per round, usually 10-15 at a time, all due within like 3-5 days. Is it right that they take so long to send the check when it is cut weeks before? No. Two wrongs don't make a right, but I do get paid in full when the checks do come. I could complain all day long about their shop forms, reporting time frames, rating system (or lack therof), and late checks, but the sad fact of the matter is that in my area they offer a TON of shops, and I know if I stick with them and their BS, I can make at least a couple hundred a month. If I can find something else to fill up my time that I usually do shops for them, then they will be the next company to get scratched off my list. I just cross my fingers for the time being, hoping that they don't go under.
They are outrageous in the way they treat shoppers. I was asked personally to do a few shops in a timelymanner as they were due and they could not find anyone to do them. I did the shops and the scheduler, Marie, did not put them into the computer. That made me doing shops that were not entered. I submitted them on her word and never got paid, answered or anything until I sued them in small claims court. I got paid then You 'betcha.. Stop being nice when being abused...Fight back. Yes, Dee, I am vindictive.
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