RSG/Maritz mobile phone report

I did one of their Pricing and Options study shops on Friday. The place was a madhouse because of the IPhone 6 launch, but I only had to wait about 10 minutes. When I finally got to sit down and enter the report about 10:30 that night, there was no way to finish entering. I knew an hour and a half would be plenty of time to get it done by the midnight deadline.

I had already submitted the credit pre-check authorization on Thursday, but now the submit option is missing. I e-mailed the problem through the "Help/Contact" option at that point and stayed up until after midnight to see if there was any response (didn't expect one but had to be sure).

Yesterday I responded to a different scheduler's e-mail (the one that notified me I had been accepted to do the shop) and have heard nothing from that either.

I now expect that I won't hear anything until tomorrow about how to proceed, and my memory's losing some of the detail that probably should be included.

Is anybody else having this problem and found a way around it?

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Did you get the approval to continue with the shop after you submitted the pre-check? I submitted the pre-check on Thursday and still haven't got the approval to do the shop. You are not allowed to perform the shop until you get a second email from them that says your credit has been checked. They said it will take a few days for that phase. I'm thinking you didn't get this second email, that is why the submit button is missing. That is what mine looks like now, while I wait for them.

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Thanks for your input, Diana. I did, in fact, get an reply to my second e-mail yesterday which ended up in my spam folder which I just found a while ago. Why that happened is also a mystery since her original e-mail showed up normally in my inbox. Guess I'd better start checking for spam more often.

Anyway, you are supposed to wait for the "approval" e-mail after you get the "accepted" e-mail. But every single e-mail I received regarding this job, as well as my shop log, said it was due on the 19th. I've responded again to see if they'll accept my report if I am finally "approved" by the client. I said the original "accepted" e-mail was misleading as it very specifically stated that it was due on the 19th.

I hope nobody else gets misled about how this project works. Now I'm very curious to see how my situation is handled and what, if anything, I'll have to do to fight it out with them.
There are several other threads which are active in which people are fairly uniformly in agreement that they will not do these shops sicne they involve credit checks. No one believes that the hiring MSC (or their client) can expunge the initial credit check, and my experience is that the hyphenated cell phone company always wants to run a credit check when I do shops there. Since they are deciding whether to offer me credit (deferred phone payments over time), it would be a hard hit and they admit that. I assume that the other cell phone companies do the same thing, and the instructions say that the "second" credit check will stay in your credit record. If you do multiple shops, the hits will accumulate.

So, I (and probably others) am curious as to why the two of you decided to accept the hits on your credit scores. As of Saturday morning, the shops were up to $35 apiece and still no takers in the Philadelphia area. I am not criticizing either of you, just curious, and it is certainly possible that there is a perspective you have seen which other have not.

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My credit score is currently at 827, I am not concerned about the credit hit. Plus, I am not in the market to purchase anything, so my credit will not be checked in "real life" anytime soon. That is why I decided to pick this up.
Diana - That makes sense. (And congratulations on a great credit score!)

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
I tried to get three today that were on the board with a due date of tomorrow (which is when I will be in that area). I got the "wait for the credit check email" response. I sent them an email saying that if they don't tell me by this evening that all is a "go" then I won't know until this weekend when would be the next chance I would have to do them since I don't know until Friday or Saturday what days off I'll have next week.

I have a feeling this going to be a nightmare.

Really annoying for them to put a shop date on the thing of "tomorrow" if it's going to be Thursday before they tell us we can do it. I would have applied last week for "tomorrow" but last week they were showing shop dates of the 19th.

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Thanks Myst.

Just thought I would update this thread....I am on day 7 of waiting for them to approve me to continue with this shop. This is starting to not look very promising. Sitting here wondering if anyone has actually completed one of these.
Well, they must not want people with great credit....8 days later I was told the client did not approve me to perform these shops. Who would have thought great credit would be a bad thing. Oh well.
Diana -

When I read the original shop description, I thought that they were probably looking for people at the margin of "approve / reject". The clear "approves" would be approved by all of the companies, and the clear "rejects" would be rejected by all of them. But that gray border area probably represents fertile ground for poaching new customers. Presumably, no company would want to be significantly easier or harder than the others.

So, Diana, congratulations on being too good for them! smiling smiley

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
My credit's probably too good for them too then. I haven't heard anything yet.

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That makes this even crappier that they are preying on people who are in the margin of approve/reject.

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Well, they must be getting desperate, they just sent out an email and said to re-apply they want approve me for them now. I guess we will see what happens this time.
8 days later they're telling me it takes "3 to 5" days to get the approval and I should hear back "later this week."

Wonder if they missed the part in kindergarten where they should have learned the numbers go 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 not 1, 2, 8, 4, 6, 9, 3, 7, 10, 5.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
According to the email I received it stated very clearly they were looking for people who's credit score was under 700 and they even listed a company where you could get a free credit report. I applied for a couple of these since my score is 670 and it doesn't bother me that they may do hard hits. At my age I'm not planning on buying much on credit in the future.
I actually got approved to these shops, I completed the shops last month. The customer accepted my report, but RSG isn't paying me! Even though on the shop log it says I should have been "Paid on 11-15-14". I've asked them about it several times and at this point they simply ignore me. And if RSG is asking you to perform <a specific cell phone> shops for Maritz, I say BEWARE. I contacted Maritz and they say they are not contracted to shop <this cell phone provider>...smh. I'm so dissappointed. ..

Mod note: Hey there, God! Please remember not to reveal clients of MSCs in your future posts. This one sounds a little complicated and weird, but erring on the side of caution is best. The specific client name isn't necessary to the point, anyway. smiling smiley
Isn't there a violation of forum policy in there somewhere? One client and two MSCs are mentioned.

I don't know how long you have been shopping, but assignments which may appear to be for a specific client could actually be for a number of other clients. Using cell phone shops as an example, the provider will have their own stores shopped, competitors will shop them and several of the vendors will shop them to see whose product is being recommended and how their own is being presented.

According to your other thread on the subject of the late payment, you didn't indicate RSG has said you will not be paid. In fact, you said your log is showing a payment date and at this point it is just late. I'm not justifying any MSC paying late, but it should not be presented as non-payment at this point. Did you ever go back to your profile and verify you had entered the correct PayPal address? I believe it was Austin Mom who made that suggestion.

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I've actually been shopping for quite a while. I also represent a team of experienced shoppers along the east coast. So I wouldn't be complaining unless i knew for certain my I's were dotted and T's were crossed. After a full week and the customer stating they are not contracted for those shops it behooves me to give fellow shoppers a heads up before they fall into the same muck. Should it all be proven to be a mistake then I'll apologize and move on. But as MSers we should always err on the side of caution unless its one if those who do it for their health...
But you still don't know who the actual customer is in this scenario and have only eliminated one of the possibilities.

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
"I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag." -Molly Ivins
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
"I also represent a team of experienced shoppers along the east coast."

I'm not certain what that means. Could you please clarify?


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@stilllearning, I've been working with a team of folks that not only do these types of shops but also merchandising, theatre checks, installs, and several other shop categories for about 7 years now. We work in tandem to maximize our potential for being accepted and performing shops. Also helps to have more than 1 set of eyes looking out for the most profitable opportunities. We have members from NY to Florida.

@LisaSTL, actually the company not only posts the customer name on the shop log, but there's also a certification a shopper needs to obtain for the specific customer in order to perform shops for them. So you always know who the actual customer is.

By the way...the account has been confirmed and I am still waiting on payment....ticktock...
So you're a like a conglomerate? Interesting!


I'm also interested in the origin of your screen name.

I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
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