SQM: submitting report

I did my first shop for SQM, did the report and submitted it. I see now that it states Submitted.
What I do not understand is why I still have a tab Report and why I can open my report after clicking on the tab.
Tnx for clarification.

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That's fine. You can usually open your report but you can no longer edit it. Until they review it, you can still see it. When it disappears, check Your SQM Account and then report card. If they have completed the review, you will find it on the list of reviewed account. Do not be tempted in changing anything in your report.

When I just started doing some shops for SQM I thought I did not download the receipt. I downloaded it again. That triggered a late on my report. Only when I received some email asking why my report was sent 1 week late did I realize my mistake. So, leave it alone even if you can still open it. It has been received.

SQM has many interesting shops once you have gone through their STEP system. Good luck!

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thank you. LOL about being tempted. I forgot to add one comment and really wanted to add that to my report...
I better wait for report card then.
Don't forget to invoice. I was not paid for 6 months and found out it was my fault for forgetting to invoice.

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