TrendSource Healthcare Phone Shops

I signed on to do some of these and just received my assigned calls. When I log into the project there is a message as follows:
"Date Posted Message 9/12/2013 PROJECT MATERIALS
New project materials will be available shortly."
I have submitted a question to TS regarding these materials.

Has anyone ever done these calls and how difficult are the calls/reports.

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I did them last year and the phone calls were the standard: you're a potential customer with none of the "deal-breaker" illnesses, living in the qualifying area, etc. and are interested in what their (name of product) offers. (You have to do some pre-call research to choose a town in the the eligible area as your residence.) As long as you write detailed notes during the phone call, the report isn't difficult.


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I did the calls for SEC last year and they paid $10. I reviewed my shops for TS over the weekend and it appears some will require more work, others less so it may be a trade off. I like to go through them all and set up all my fake info. so I am ready to go on each one. TS pays $6 but I picked up 20 of them for October so I guess I need to think about the total pay rather than the individual pay.
I did the calls for SEC last year and found them fairly easy to do. You do need to be prepared with all your fake info before you make the call and it makes it much easier. I thought they were easier to do than a fast food job for $5.00.
I, too, did the SEC calls and found them easy and was sorry they are not doing them this year. I just did my first 2 for TS and I think once I get settled in I'll be OK with them. Report was not difficult.
The only problem I'm having with the healthcare shops is that they provide the medications we are to ask about but do not give any particulars - like how often the med is taken and what gram it is. I just did one where the med was 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 225 MG and the rep asked me which one I took BEFORE he mentioned the various options. Left me saying my meds were upstairs and I couldn't remember which one but I know it was the lowest dose.

And these shops do not require as much background info. as I had to have before doing an SEC TC shop.
I have been having a problem trying to watch the videos for the certification. Last time, I used another computer, which I no longer have. I have also downloaded google chrome and firefox and still, I can not get the videos to play. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to do. I have tried on both my computers, and still nothing. Thanks
The milligrams should not matter as med brands are put into
tiers based on if it's a brand name, generic and what kickback
the drug maker will give them for steering you to their meds.
It's rare, if ever that the milligram would determine the tier.

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