TNS prepaid cards

Has anyone completed these shop only to find that certain banks have absolutely no information on them?????????? And instead you are meeting with a banker who tries to talk you into opening a checking and savings account? This was the case for two out of the three assignments I had. Thanks in advance. . .

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I did two at a money transfer/bill pay/check cashing type place and one at a large bank. The bank was great, they have a fantastic card and the banker was knowledgeable about the terms and gave me a brochure.

The other two, one knew nothing and gave me nothing but did let me read the package the card comes in; the other knew a lot and gave me a brochure.

Can't believe the fees those things charge though. The bank one was very reasonable, very few fees applied to it and they were very reasonable; the major money transfer place would have charged me $5 to cash the check, another $5 to put the money onto a card and then the card had monthly fees and usage fees ... there wouldn't have been much left of that $50 check if I'd actually bought the card.

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So you visited PNC, did you? They have the cards, but they sure won't advertise that fact!

(And if anybody is wondering, PNC is not the client.)
Thanks for the replies! All my reports have been graded with perfect tens. So, as usual, I was worried over nothing grinning smiley!
The two I did at the bank had knowledgeable bankers, but the large retail store's CS clerks were clueless.

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