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This company decided to not give me a second chance to submit my receipt. When I received it was slightly wrinkled and that was not acceptable. They needed it perfectly straightened out. I sent another receipt that came with the receipt and it had name, date on it but not location. So they decided to cut me off instead of allowing me to re-send the first receipt that was slightly wrinkled. Very rash, impulsive behavior on their part. Yes I should have straightened out the slightly wrinkled receipt from the beginning though it still appeared legible, regardless, other companies give people another chance. We live hectic lives and what's the big deal with a second chance? Loss of two hours of time and 30 miles of driving. Funny thing is I read about other complaints about them not paying people so I knew something wasn't right. I know when something is off, that's why I was direct and blunt to the scheduler who cut me off, that they are incorrect for failing to allow me to correct and have caused a loss on my part, and less than you want any moments of your life to be less than joy and abundance?

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Suggest you Contact Dave @ Sentry. You may get this straightened out...

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During my first shop for them I overlooked an email asking for me to make some corrections. I submitted the corrections past their 48 hour limit. Fortunately I still got paid but with a deduction.

Dave became aware of this and paid me the difference.

They do have deadlines and requirements like everyone else.

BTW I have never submitted a perfect receipt to any company. I do make sure it is the correct receipt in the correct orientation though. As long as a wrinkle isn't hiding something then no one seems to care.

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No, I don't want any parts of my life to be less than joy and abundance, but... life isn't full of nothing but joy and abundance.

Sentry has accepted a waterlogged receipt that was not really legible at all. The restaurant refused a reprint, said they didn't have those capabilities, so it was all I had. Completely my fault, too. It was sitting in the top of my bag and dropped it in a puddle on my way out of the restaurant, when I was retrieving my keys.

I addressed it in my report and was paid, no issues.

I've also had a crumpled receipt from hell... employee balled it up and threw it away without offering it to me, and only gave it to me when I asked. Tried my best to straighten it, but... only so much smoothing could fix it. That report was accepted as well.

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mistert, sorry you had a problem but it sounds like maybe you had a little row with the scheduler over the receipt and everything went downhill from there. I don't know if you're just trying to get the word out on what happened or if you're looking for advice, but I'd call that scheduler back and apologize for not handling the situation better. It's not a question of who's right and who's wrong. It's a question of getting along and not cutting off a future stream of work. You might be able to salvage the relationship.

*************EDITED: I had suggested ironing the receipt but Cettie says a warm iron won't work with the thermal ink. ********************

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A warm iron is disastrous with thermal ink.

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Please contact me directly and I will review the circumstnces of your situation.

Also, Cettie is 100% correct about an iron and thermal ink. I believe that scanners will also damage these type of receipts. The best bet is to capture the receipt image with the camera on your phone.


I scan my receipts every time and scanning doesn't affect them. It might depend on the type of light the scanner's using. I don't know.

When I get a receipt, I treat it like gold. I never have them put it in a bag. It's always in my hand or wallet and when I get in my vehicle, I put it in my glove box.

Give Dave a try. smiling smiley
i was told to trace over a receipt with a pencil once so it would
show up better.

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Receipt=Cash if you are a shopper. Treat your receipts as cash and you will generally always be in good shape. Mine go in my wallet, along with my cash.

I have a flatbed scanner at home with an auto feeder that does an amazing job removing wrinkles (I often fold the receipts in my wallet) but always struggle with trying to get good pics of receipts on the road. Another savvy forum member suggested in a post a while back to tape the top and bottom of the receipt to a larger flat surface when photographing them and that trick has worked amazingly well for me.

I would also add regarding the OP's complaint; I think that sending a different receipt from the original wrinkled one when it was questioned may have set off some alarms with the MSC. The way I read it, you were given a very specific second chance and are really asking for a third chance after not submitting the receipt correctly twice. Was the second second one an actual receipt or a credit card voucher? All of the MSCs that I work with require the itemized receipt and will not accept a credit card voucher.
If you have a camera on-hand, I always sneak in the bathroom or somewhere discrete during the shop to pseudo-scan the receipt as soon as conveniently possible. I've had issues, even during something like a fast-casual shop, where a mistake was made in my order. When approaching the staff about it, they'd ask for my receipt and ultimately throw the receipt away without thinking to give it back to me.

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I received a 50% deduction because the submission was submitted at 30 hours and not 24 hours - who does that? Not a professional company and not worth the paltry payment. Will not recommend this company to anyone I know.
felix, I regret you had this problem but we don't have enough information to be helpful. Were you late on the shop window or on the report time, or both? Did you let them know you were running late and request an extension on the report? At 30 hours, I believe some companies would have already put the job back on the board. Do the other companies you shop with let you run late like this with no repercussions?

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
Yes. Many of the companies I work for will let me be several days behind on reports and not care, sometimes as much as a week. Additionally most of the companies I work for who have a 24 hour reporting window really mean whatever is left of the day I do the shop until the end of the following day. Admittedly most of these companies are smaller ones that realize I am on a long route and understand these things.

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