Albatross Brand Brief?

I've signed up for two shops with these guys and I have completed the required certifications, but I have not yet received the "Brand Brief." Their shop shop instructions state, "Your local coordinator, after approving your visit request, will send you the questionnaire, certification and briefing material." I received the certification, but no briefing material. I can access the survey, but no where can I find purchase or scenario requirements. I'm not comfortable proceeding with the shop as I don't want to have my report rejected for missing any guidelines. I have also emailed my local coordinator.

Does anyone have any experience with them? Any tips on where to find this magical brand brief?

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Albatross is one of my favorites. I have not had this problem with any of the schedulers I work with. Usually, they send all of the documents right away. In my case, the documents are sent with the email that lets me know I have been accepted to do the assignment. You have to get the guidelines, etc. through email - they are not available on the website. If you have a phone number, call him/her every day until you hear back and follow up with an email.

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I had the same issue. No guidelines anywhere. Just emailed the scheduler and he sent them to me. Is this for a cosmetics store? Feel free to PM.
Where are you guys based? I did 3 assignments for this company in September anx have still not been paid. Email my coordinator every day but he does not reply. I am based in New Zealand.
Canada also. I think my reimbursement came in 1-2 weeks, and my fee came as a separate deposit a week later. It was very fast payment.
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