A Closer Look - Firefox setting guide to allow printing and saving of finished reports

I have done everything on ACL website with the latest version of Firefox web browser. There is only one thing that does not work with the default settings. I completed a shop today and corrected the setting and verified it now works 100%.

After you submit a shop and you are on the page with the link that offers to save the completed shop as a .pdf file. It does nothing when you click on it.

The Javascript on that page is attempting to open another window and the default behavior of Firefox is to deny this from happening.

Here is the Firefox setting that must be changed to make the website work 100%.

1. If the menu bar is not showing, right click on the top of the browser window and hover the mouse over "Menu Bar" and left click it to show the menu bar.

2. From the menu bar at the top of the browser window, Select Tools and then left click on options. A settings window will pop up titled "Options".

3. On the top of the Options window, left click on the Content button.

4. The first option in this window will be "Block pop-up windows" and you should leave it checked. If unchecked you will not have this problem and will get unwanted pop-up windows from untrusted sites. To the right there is a box marked "Exceptions".

Click the Exceptions button.

5. A new dialog box will open up called "Allowed Sites - Pop-ups". There is a field to enter the "Address of website:" Type: a-closer-look.com in this dialog box and click the Allow button just below it.

6. Click the Close box at the bottom.

7. Click the OK button to close the "Options" window.

Now, when you click on the save report as .pdf file, it will bring up the completed report in a new tab.

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