Satisfaction Services: Direct response versus schedulers response!!??

I have been digging back through all of my emails and notes. I am not sure that I have ever dealt directly with someone at SS. I receive emails from secondary schedulers for most of their offerings, Kern and Confero seem to be the most active. It might even be the same people from SS, just using the better portals Kern and others have invested in? The problem with this is if you do perform a shop, the activity is not tracked on the secondary site once it has been completed, as SS does not keep track on their site.

I found some old discussions here from 3 years ago. The listings on the SS site remain very generic. I am not even sure, at this point, what percentage of their shops are parced out to other scheduling companies. I do know that I see many available opportunities in my area, none of which they send me emails about. I clicked a handful of them last week and asked for information. No response yet.

Apparently they have been doing things this way a very long time and are successful at it. Am I missing something though? Is there a way to get details on the assignments, most of which are still listed, sent to me that someone here is willing to point out?

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I do parking shops and communicate directly with someone from SS. I have applied for 2 other shops. On one, I got a phone call right away. After hearing the details, I was not interested, and I don't think anyone else would be, hence the quick call. On another, I received an email about 2 weeks later. I think they had a flake. So, I'm guessing that you'll only hear from them if they need you.

Thanks to all the forum members!
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