Albatross spam?

Just FYI, I applied and was accepted for Albatross Global Solutions and two days later, I am receiving nothing but constant spam in my e-mail. Phony e-mail addresses and all. It had to have come from Albatross because I haven't applied or given my e-mail address to anyone else lately. Just a heads up for anyone thinking of applying with them.

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That has not been my experience with Albatross, so I think you may be wrong.

Just saying....


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Albatross rocks, I don't know what you're talking about!!

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There could be many reasons for sudden massive spam. It is probably coincidence that it started about the same time as you registered with Albatross since others do not experience that problem.
I had the same feeling when I applied with this company. Do I really want to associate with an albatross? Do I resemble the ancient mariner?

thirty five years ago I did a huge area survey.One of the questions was to do with the suitability of the name Nova for a car. I was in a strongly Mexican area. I got some big laughs and some strange looks with that question. No va is it doesn't go, in Mexican. This Albatross name may be the same deal.
They are legal company, I am working with them since 5 months and I did around 20 visits for them.
The pay on time. They are great company
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