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Everybody says the editors over at IntelliShop are difficult. I find them fair in comparison to the editors at Ann Michaels. I just cannot please them!! LOL My best work = 8

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I did only one shop for them... high end store... The editor was impressed how quickly I replied back on clarification.
I got 9. But I did not like the report format...
I agree. I usually get 10 s at Intellishop. Only did one shop for Ann Michaels. It was a parking garage. Should have been easy. The editor was extremely picky and gave me a 9. I do these for another MSC all the time and never even hear from an editor. Swore off Ann Michaels after that.

Thanks to all the forum members!
I'm surprise at the above posts. They have the nicest editors and not the least bit picky. I have only gotten 10s from them and they put my name a number of times for their monthly drawing. They send a cute greeting card email for those.

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I quit shopping their children's store client due to the editors. I don't need a million questions. 99% of my reports have no questions. 100% for them have a ton of questions.
I signed up for a parkade shop with this company (apparently they DO have shops in Canada). The shop instructions state to arrive between 4-6pm. I arrived within the timeline on the correct day. Upon arrival, I was unable to enter the parkade, nor was I able to call an attendant. I also learned that the location closed at 6pm. Therefore I was unable to complete the shop, plus I had to travel 30kms round trip for this shop. Should I receive some sort of reimbursement?
Did you take pictures, showing that it was closed or of a sign indicating the specific problem? If so, you should receive some type of partial payment. If not, the answer is no.


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I miss working with AM more- I used to do their restaurant/winery and ice cream shops when I lived in the Midwest. Not finding much from them in the South. They do usually want pretty detailed narratives, but hey, if you don't like writing, don't do them. I have almost always gotten good marks. Maybe it is a regional thing though like chigirl said.

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Yes, I did take pictures. I got an email from the scheduler today (after a reminder email). She asked if I would re-do the shop (during the correct hours) and stated that they would pay me $7.50 for the original shop. I cannot do this shop again. So I think the question is, will I get paid even if I cannot re-do it?
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