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I did several remote location shops for them last year and did not get any feedback, good or bad, on the shops. Sometimes, when they send me an email showing me which shops are still available (and usually bonused), I respond, asking how much they would give me for a route. No response. Next, I send an email to the main scheduler and the assistant scheduler asking why they don't respond to my emails. No response. So I call them. I got a voicemail for the main scheduler and left a message asking why I can't get a response. I asked, "Was I deactivated as a shopper?" No response. Nothing in a week. Anyone else having a problem getting through to these guys?

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I do not believe Harland Clarke ever responds to shoppers, they are in the business of making checks and I honestly feel could care less about mystery shoppers, which is really sad. I have emailed them asking for help to and no reply.
I would recommend calling again. I usually talk to the woman who answers not my scheduler. Unfortunately, I don't recall her name , but she is very helpful.
I would call the number, press '1' and speak to whoever answers. I've called them many times without issues. Sometimes you go to voicemail because they're busy so I just call again in an hour or so.

They're very poor at responding to emails so calling them is the way to go. They will not give a bonus for a route but they will give you mileage. You just have to say how many miles you want to claim and they'll take it or leave it. They offer incentives on their shops but there is no point in firing off an email to them and asking for a bigger incentive. Just ask for more mileage.

You'll never really know how they feel about your reports unless they send you an email asking for clarification. It's a bit frustrating but it's just the way it is. If you keep getting job requests then I think it's safe to assume they were okay with your reporting.

I do a lot of work for Harland Clarke, they're one of my favorite companies.
I reply to their emails with the locations I want and my mileage for a roundtrip. They respond if I'm assigned, but don't if the shops are assigned to someone else. I've worked with two schedulers (one much more than the other) and have never had a problem getting responses to questions, via phone or email. If you don't get a response via email, I would just assume you didn't get the shop and move on.

As a side note, their bonuses can be very lucrative, so I've never asked for a bonus.
Their bonuses, which seem to be on every shop, are delish! From my experience, there's one scheduler who is quite responsive and another who never responds. Not sure which is which though.


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Some schedulers are much more responsive than others, but their philosophy seems to be "no feedback is good feedback." When you call, press the option for the mystery shopper department (not a specific extension), and usually one of the schedulers will answer: Patrick and Alex are very nice and helpful.
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