Avoid this shop! (Remington Evaluations)

Editors: I am hoping you will not erase my specific references since this was a shop that was not accepted and I received no pay for a great deal of effort.

Remington Evaluations:
Scheduler: Andrea EditschAndrea.Remington@gmail.com

Pay was $40, now $45 plus bonuses
Bonuses are outlined in the guidelines
-$7 for a 12-hour turnaround time
-$5 for MSPA GOLD Shoppers

The shop was for seniors at a location for very poor people over 65. The assignment was to find a specific person to interview, however that person never picked up the phone. The information I gleaned from the one person who always answered the phone was there was a 2-year waiting list for an apartment on the property. Eventually they told me just to show up and carry on the interview if I was denied the correct person.

On arrival I was greeted by the target's supervisor. The target had someone in her office with an accompanying person doing translation. It seemed I would totally reveal myself as a shopper and inquired if that other person was available but did not think it appropriate to say I preferred to wait.

I performed the shop and sure enough, I was not paid. I am writing this to warn others. This shop is full of pitfalls and not worth your time.

Delray Beach FL

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I'm sorry this happened. I know any targeted shop can have problems. What I do in these circumstances is say "My husband's co-worker said to be sure and asking for .... He said she/he was great."
If you have their directive to shop anyone in writing shouldn't that be enough to get it reinstated?

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I am also sorry that with all your effort and time spent, you came up empty.

If I understand your post, your instructions from Remington were to proceed if you were denied the target. On site, you were not denied, as you didn't give the property the opportunity. I understand you thought asking for the target would call attention to yourself. Nevertheless, that is what should have occurred, unless your instructions from the MSC were otherwise. There are several guises to connect with the target. Preparation for the unforeseen is key.
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