Any info please (Confero)

I have signed up with Confero. Since I'm just getting started with Mystery Shopping this is the only one at this time. Trying to get my feet wet first before diving in headlong. Has anyone had been with them? Has there been any problems with them?

Thanks ya'll

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Hi Windancer and welcome. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and click on "Official List of mystery Shopping Companies". Then scroll down through the companies and click on "Confero" and you'll find the answer to your question. smiling smiley


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Windancer, Confero is an okay company. I limit what I do for them though because I find their commissions too low. I wait until they bonus them. I don't like the slow payment either (I think it's about two months from having done the job).
Hi Windancer, and welcome to mystery shopping. smiling smiley Definitely check out that list like the others said. As far as Confero, I like them a lot. I enjoy their movie theater compliance shops (when I can find one close enough). Also, I'm not sure where you live, but I just relocated to the the South (from the Midwest) and found out they shop one of the major grocery chains down here. Enjoy!

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Hi. Just done a few fast food for them. Report was average and pay a little low but not terrible. I have in my notes they pay
the middle of the month, two months later. Good luck.
I have been with confero over 1 1/2 years. In general I find them very easy to work with. I wish they would pay quicker but most other don't pay quickly either. They most likely get their money before they pay you.
They don't have much in my area but I rarely shop for reimbursement only any more, so I wouldn't pick up their restaurant shops if I could. The movie theater compliance shops are for shoppers ages 21-29 only and only pay for one ticket and one drink.

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I do not barter a meal for a report. Will not barter an oil change for a report, $5.00 is a the lowest & they have to fully reimburse me. Do not want to figure out taxes on barter transactions. Have three vehicles to keep track of. All of the low paying jobs I only do when my job takes me by the place if I can set it up. Had a job in a town that's 50 miles away. Was called later that night for 3 quick shops in the same town. Had to pass them up due to prior commitments.

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I'm a regular with Confero for mainly for one client. Occasionally, they have other clients popped up and I'd grab them too.

Never had any issues with them.

EDIT: Oh, and the schedulers I dealt with respond very quickly, in my experience. I recall one of the first assignments I had, I email the scheduler during an assignment because of a unique situation that occurred. I received a response within 15 minutes, which allowed me to proceed with the shop without worrying it being rejected.

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Confero has always paid me within the stated time frame and I enjoy completing assignments with them.

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I'm the oddball that received 9/10s but still had over 20 shops shorted by $2 each. The company are not responsive to calls and emails. The schedulers reply saying they will pass the request along but no one contacts me. Schedulers seem sucks. Search my other posts for the full story as I am sure others are tired of me repeating it. There are so any other excellent companies that I suggest not doing business with them.
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