Remington -- venting

I have not shopped in 8 months to take some time off. I have been shopping over 9 years and decided to try some different companies.

My first assignment with Remington was a nightmare, 12 calls, 1 visit 40 minutes away and no one was there. There was a sign saying they were out until Friday; I was there on Thursday. A week later I am told the property manager quit.

The second and probably the last assignment was over an hour away, a good bonus, however, the property manager was the worse. She was not proactive at all and hardly spoke unless I asked a question. Never showed me the amenities, was hesitant about showing me an apartment, however, I convinced her to do that after the apartment visit I was walking back to the office with her and she said I could fill out the application (which I found and was not handed to me) and mail it in, she then told me to have a warm trip home.

This morning I get an email from the editor saying I had to correct some things. Well, everything she wanted was done. The only way I could place more information was to lie. I reviewed my iPhone recording and well, there was nothing more to add. I am not quite sure what this editor wanted but it was impossible to do what has already been done.

I am thoroughly disgusted at this point. I believe I will stick with the companies I have worked with for years. Thanks for letting me vent.

P.S. Fortunately I had 4 other assignments from other companies in that area or the day would have been a lost.

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Just did my first one for this company. Got edit back wanting me to write phone conversation basically word for word even thou I had just not using exact quotes. They wanted stuff like op said which didn't happen. They also wanted me to tell them things which I already put into the report. I hate companies where the editors can't read. Also why do I have to do a narrative for a recorded phone conversation as a word for word write up. Listen to the call. Venting a little thanks

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
I've never worked with Remington but I did have an assignment once where I had to narrate the entire phone call - which was recorded AND attached to the report - which I thought was asinine. Can't remember the MSC or the client, must have blocked it out. smiling smiley It was akin to the Informa bank shops where you have to handwrite the entire report form and Fedex it to them even though the online report has been submitted. It's just nuts.
I had one of these shops also. The editor wanted me to write quotes (recorded phone call). When I did this to satisfy her she said, "It is impossible to remember every word." She also implied that I was lying. She must have sent the shop back 4 times, each with different reasons. When I got fed up I emailed the scheduler, told her to send my report to the head of the editors because I was not changing another thing. The senior editor removed all of her remarks, gave me a 7 for the amount of returns, but I got paid. $60 shop. They still contact me for work and always bonus.
I tried shopping for Remington as well, after attempting to contact the person I was supposed to shop for an entire week I finally simply asked for them on the phone call. They were in the Hospital! I just called my scheduler and told her I was done with Remington. I was so frustrated with the amount of time I had put into trying to contact the target!
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