Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC) problem

I signed up with Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC) a few years ago, but wasn't interested in any of the assignments they offered at the time.

I completed a shop for them in late September of 2014 and needed to change my bank info for direct deposit.

They don't make it easy to update your bank info. You have to notify them of the needed changes, wait for them to email you a form to fill out and return it to them.

I did -- with plenty of time for them to receive it, according to Ms. Campbell, the employee I was corresponding with by email.

I noticed that after a week, the info wasn't updated.

After contacting them again, I was informed by Ms. Campbell that their accounting department only updates info at the middle of the month.

Their accounting department neglected to update my info until October 22nd. The direct deposit was sent to a closed bank account on October 20th.

Exchanged quite a few emails with Ms. Campbell and Ms. White, another employee who answered my inquiries regarding my payment. They both conceded that SEC made a mistake but I would have to wait until November 20th to get paid.

November 20th came and went. No payment.

Contacted the company again, however this time I emailed every name I could find associated with the firm, including its president.

Ms. Campbell apparently forgot about the SNAFU. She responded to my email and stated that I was paid. I had to remind her by email about our previous correspondence.

I hoped by emailing all of the officers in the company something positive would happen -- like me getting paid.

The company's president emailed me.

He said he would talk with the two employees that I had my initial correspondence with, Ms. Campbell and Ms. White. He also stated that someone from the company would be calling me today.

It's 5:30 p.m., November 24th. Nothing happened; haven't heard from them.

This is a firm the emphasizes meeting deadlines.

They blew it every time as far as I'm concerned.

I wouldn't recommend working for Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC).

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