Strategic Reflections Casino Shops

Has anyone done these before? I see that they have lowered the reimbursements. The hotel they reimburse for $150, but the cost of the hotel is more than that. In fact, on weekends the rooms are $250! The nice steakhouse they reimburse for $75 (it used to be $120), but to take a spouse it will cost you well over $100. For the tables, they reimburse you $20. Well, who goes to a table and only puts down $20?

The bar reimbursement is a whopping $5. I ordered a beer and it was more than that. The instructions state that you can order a soda. Well, about 50' from the bar is a fountain drink dispenser that gives out free soda, so why would someone order soda from the bar and pay for it?

I used to do these a lot, but I refuse to do them for less than what it costs me out-of-pocket.

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I would do that NEVER. I think that the LEAST I have done a casino shop for is $200 plus all expenses.
Usually, they pay me an extra $50-$100 on top of that.
Best ones are when you can keep your winnings. ($800 in 6 minutes at high limit black jack! You bet I got up and walked at $800. I was not going to lose that.)

Let them sit there. They will get unqualified people to do them. Then, they can reschedule them. Or hopefully, they will go to another MSC that pays their shoppers well.
SoCalMama, this msc pays $5 per casino report. So if I do the steakhouse, slots, tables and bar I'd make $20 TOTAL. Nope!
They used to bundle them here to make them more attractive to take, but it looks like this month the reports are unbundled....AND the casual restaurant report is two reports, one for the cashier and one for the server, but they're only playing you five bucks for the one report. The other one is reimbursement only.
DRJ, they are still bundled here in the Cincinnati area. The problem with that is that if you are out of rotation for , let's say, the security guard, you can't do the entire package. I don't understand their logic.
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