Low-paying job available as a part-time mystery shop scheduler

I was a bit suprised to come across a posting on craigslist for a mystery shopping scheduler (telecommute) that's paying just $9.00/hour in Massachusetts. After 90 days it goes up to $10.00/hour. It requires a "consistent schedule of 4-6 straight hours every Monday through Friday between 8:30am-5:30pm" and has a pretty long list of job responsibilities and qualifications. I believe the minimum wage in MA is now $9.00/hour, so it's unlikely that they'll be attracting the "best and the brightest" for this position. Like I'm sure many others here do, I aim to earn more than minimum wage (as much more as possible!) from mystery shopping. In any event, seeing that job posting was a reminder to be more compassionate in in working with the schedulers.

Is it common for MSCs to pay their schedulers so poorly?

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Was that for a legitimate MSC? I have never trusted job postings on Craigslist.

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Nine or ten bucks an hour to work from home would be decent money in rural Iowa. If the posting is real, and could be done from anywhere, they should be looking in Iowa or Missouri instead of Massachusetts.
LisaSTL it is for a legitimate MSC. In fact, it's one that I shop for pretty regularly.

heartlandcanuck, I get it that $9-$10 would be decent money in some places. Unfortunately, where I live it doesn't work. The minimum wage in CT is $10.10/hr, and in much of the state the various economic studies show that a living wage begins at $18/hour. Not cheap to live around here. I also know that in the Boston area, where this job was posted, $9/hr is about what unskilled labor can expect at fast food restaurants and similar places. It's not a living wage there either.

I think the reason the job was posted on a Massachusetts craiglist site is because the MSC is in MA, and perhaps it just didn't enter their minds to post elsewhere, even with it being a telecommuting gig.
For what you would be doing - I say this from experience - minimum wage for this type of job is not worth it. Especially if the company is disorganized or has multiple known payment issues.

I hope to hear from people who do scheduling what they get paid because I know I was not paid what I deserved to be paid given my experience and the job requirements went beyond just scheduling. $11/hr is minimum wage where I live and is not enough to endure harassment from shoppers and employees. I couldn't imagine it doing it for $9 or $10 per hour. No way

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dixiewhisky I'm impressed that you survived being a scheduler. Lived to tell, as they say!

I wasn't looking for a job, just happened to come across the ad and was surprised to see how little the pay was. I can't imagine being a scheduler. I don't have the patience for it.

Will be interested to see if anyone responds to your request to hear from people who do scheduling.
IIt's really not all too bad. It really depends on the company, the pay and job requirements. Scheduling can actually be fun and rewarding. Every job has stress. I can think of so many legitimate good companies there are to schedule for - even if it wasn't an hourly wage - I would do it again.

I'm not sure what kind of answers you will get as I can imagine some Schedulers won't want to reveal that but I think until I see otherwise that the general sentiment is that these jobs are very low paying. I think there are a few on here if not several who only get paid by the shops they assign. I couldn't imagine and have much respect for them. It is no wonder some become furious when a shopper flakes

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Nitmegstategirl, also remember that in many cases schedulers are like shoppers, they are independent contractors, not employees. In those cases, minimum wage laws don't apply.

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