Intelli-Shop November payment?

Just wondering if anyone has received their November Intelli-Shop payment? They generally pay late afternoon on the 20th. Haven't received mine.

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Mine is showing pending in my bank account as of right now.

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Bank account? I know Intellishop pays by direct deposit for one client, are they offering that option for some others?

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My DD was only for 1 client.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
I received payment for 1 shop in November. I scored a 10 out of 10.
The next one they sent me to was a business that had been closed for 6 months. I emailed the scheduler as soon as I got home on 11-26, night before TG. No one answered until about 9pm Friday night. It was an ambiguous email, didn't make sense. I asked for clarification and received an 'out of office' reply. On Monday I was given a flake report, score 1.

Yesterday I did another shop for them and made sure everything was perfect. I received an email from the scheduler that I had left a question blank. I told him if I had, it would have flashed with red writing saying I hadn't answered something.

Today he emailed me to go back and asked me to do another assignment there this weekend I told him I was leaving town and sorry I couldn't help.

I just received a 4 for yesterday's assignment. F...... RIDICULOUS! I have asked for an explanantion because I left out no details.
I will never work for them again.

They had a bunch of negative reviews with the BBB in Ohio, which aren't online now. They will be starting again, many people complained about not being paid. All of you should complain to the BBB.
It was 2 days late...I'm not going to raise hell for no reason. I have done many shops for them and my average rating is 10. I have found Intelli-shop to be nothing but reasonable.
Really, MPORTER3112? They got back to me 2 days later, I responded on time. I don't raise hell for no reason. I don't turn in bad reports either. Incidentally, after giving me an assignment on Monday, they emailed me Tuesday to do the same one again by this Sunday, with a bonus. You know how when you fill out the reports, if you miss something a red light flashes? I saved it several times while tweaking my narrative to get an excellent score, no flashing light. Nothing missing. Clicked submit, no flashing lights.
Result: One of my answers was missing, I went back on and red light was flashing, one answer had disappeared. I put in the answer again. Score: 6
I've had no problems with any other company. Answers don't disappear either.

How could you possibly say it was 2 days late (because they dropped the ball) I didn't say when it was due.
Sorry, I was referring to the end of your post where you said many people complained about not being paid and we should too. The "two days late" I said was in reference to our payment this week. I have no reason to complain. I get a lot of work from them and two days late on a payment is not a reason to throw away our relationship, per my opinion.

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I have always gotten paid from Intelli between the 20th and 23rd. I have only shopped for them 34 times in a few years. I only shop their high paying shops that have a bonus. I have had only one editor problem, which was corrected by the scheduler and company. I usually receive a 9/10. I shop for them when they can't get anyone else, but only with a bonus. I have been paid quite well from them and on time. No complaints here!

I don't understand turning in MSC to the BBB, because you don't like your score or don't like the editors. All of us have the ability to shop for who and when we want. If you don't understand or follow the Guidelines, contact your scheduler to clarify. I recently did a shop for Intelli and the Guidelines were contradicted in the report. I questioned this before I did the shop and was emailed the correct answer. I saved the email just in case there is a problem.
"I don't understand turning in MSC to the BBB, because you don't like your score or don't like the editors."

No one on here said they had reported them.
Some of the editors are obviously posing as shoppers.

We all know we can work for which ever company that we want to.
People have a RIGHT to complain to the BBB if a company is unscrupulous.

After giving me a bad score, and refusing to talk to me, or answer voice mails asking to call me, I should have reported them. They covered their a.... by blaming me for their poor responsiveness.

And, oh, yes, I still receive their regular requests to do assignments as well as 4 or 5 personal emails to me in the last week asking me to please do an assignment in my area. I just ignore them.
They burned me, they are unprofessional and I won't work for them again, end of story.
p.s. I get scores of 9 and 10 regularly.
Who is the employee posing as a shopper? How do you know?

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