We Check (MSC)

We Check is on the List of Official MSCs but there are no discussions about them in the forum. Has anyone worked for them? They are located in Canada and it looks like they only have shops in Canada.

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I haven't done work for them, but try searching for CRG, as that was their name up until maybe 4 or 5 months ago.
Thanks, Jaymo. Is CRG = Consumer Research Group? I found a November thread for that company.
You are correct.

Iv'e done many a job for this MSC and are on my "best" MSC list. I'm in Canada. Eh.

Sybil2 Wrote:
> Thanks, Jaymo. Is CRG = Consumer Research Group?
> I found a November thread for that company.

Mike T
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I work with We Check, it seems they are one of the best companies out there, so I've been told. I've 4 assignments for them in the past month and just got paid this week. They are easy to contact and answer back as soon as possible. They are based in the Ottawa area but I've seen jobs posted for all of Ontario and Quebec so far.
I have done four shops for them since they became We Check, several earlier as CRG. They are very quick and clear when responding to emails. Surveys are well written and instructions are clear. Received a payment on December 17th for a shop that was done on November 24th.
Have any of you done their dealership sales (not service) shops? Wondering how they compare with other new car shops.
Dealership sales shop was straightforward, fair bit of narrative but good value for time.
We Check is formally CRG (as in [www.sassieshop.com]). I've done apartment and a slew of banking shops for them. They also have car service, tobacco compliance and phone shops too. They pay when they say they will pay and the schedulers are fairly responsive. I do not know if they have US shops but sign up and see. You never know.

They are definitely one of the leading Canadian mystery shopping companies in my books. I recommend them to any shopper out there who lives in Canada and hasn't shopped with them before.

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