Ipsos Payment from September Shop

Edit: I contacted someone else and was paid promptly for this shop. (1/8/15)

I completed a shop for Ipsos on September 11th and have yet to receive payment. I emailed Dolores about it twice without any response. Is anyone else waiting for payment from shops around that date? Any suggestions on who else I could email or contact? I have completed this shop at other times and received payment as expected.

If this has already been discussed, please let me know. I haven't been doing as much shopping lately so I haven't been on here recently. Thanks!

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I am waiting for payment from November 2014. Contacted Dolores numerous times, still no payment. Can you let me know who you contacted to get payment.

Thank you
Beyoden, thanks for updating this. Ipsos has completely revamped its MS Operations team and are paying at a much faster rate. We appreciate you following-up with us and hope you can do further shops for us.

Can you please let me know who to contact for a shop I still did not pauid for from November.

Thank you,
Gina Karl
Glad to know I'm not the only one having this issue. I still haven't been paid for shops I've done. I have emailed anyone I can and no one responds. Who did you contact to get paid? Because I'm just about to contact the BBB.
Dobsgirl, what is this payment in reference to? Please PM. Which shops did you conduct for us? What were the dates did you conduct these shops?


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