Data Quest?

There is a hotel mystery shop in my area but the pay is so low, I hesitate to rack up hundreds on my credit card until I hear something about the MSC. Anyone?

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They're reliable, but the reports are lengthy, and you will wait a loooong time for reimbursement.
I have only done 1 shop for them but I was reimbursed about a week later, as I should be for the two I'm doing next week.

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I like Data Quest, and I like their hotel shops. The charges are reversed on your cc...they say within 15 days, but it has almost always been about a week after the shop for me. But the shop fee itself is paid by check 60 days after the shop. But yeah, I've always found the schedulers easy to work with. I like the company. That's my 2 cents smiling smiley

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I've done a hotel shop. It was great. Room Service, restaurant meal , great room. I used a speech to text app and dictated the shop and pasted the transcription into my report. I do mostly parking garages for them. They're great and pay me by check.
I have done a few for them. Good folks to work with. Reimbursement could be quicker, but I think that for every company!

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I have done a few bar quality/honesty assignments for them. The reports are very narrative-heavy with descriptions necessary for people sitting around the bar area. The wait for re-reimbursement can be lengthy but if there are issues with the narrative their editors are receptive for additional information and seem-to-be easy to work with.
I've done some shops for them. I like this company as well. I wish they had more in my area.

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Did some bowling shops for them. Problem with missing payment but was corrected and received easy to work with.

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