Kinesis, is anyone there?

It is most frustrating to be unable to contact Kinesis with a question! I sent a message to them via Facebook a few weeks ago, and got a response the second day saying they would look into my question and reply to me via email. Still waiting…and have send a couple of additional messages requesting status. Still waiting...

Kinesis, are you there??? If you read these forums, please answer this question!

I am concerned about a comment left by an editor on one of my recent restaurant shops. Please help me understand it as I do not want to risk being "outed" as a shopper. The comment follows:

"Thank you for your submission. Although you may have had a sub-par experience, please remember that you are instructed not to make any special requests on these shops. If you make yourself too memorable, we will have to discontinue using you on these shops; please always prioritize preserving your anonymity."

No special requests were made, and I checked my copy to verify it. What was wrong? I don’t want lose the opportunity to do these shops, but I don’t understand what was done to warrant this comment by the editor. The shop number is included in the Facebook message...


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