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I have not. The official deadline is Jan 31. Unfortunately, some companies will be later than that. The safest thing is to report all your income when you are ready to file. The 1099 does not have to be sent in with your return. I believe you can report a company if you do not receive a 1099 by Jan 31, and there is a $50 penalty per 1099, but I may be wrong. Dspeakes has several informative posts, and she is or was a tax professional. You can check out her posts or PM her. She definitely knows what she is talking about. I work for a CPA as my real job, but her knowledge eclipses mine.
cjbstar is correct. You don't need the 1099 to file. Hopefully you kept track of all your income and all your expenses. The only thing the 1099 does is give the IRS a way of making sure that people report the income. But all they're looking for is that your reported gross income is at least the sum of all your 1099's. For mystery shoppers, the gross income figure you report will actually be much higher than the total of the 1099's since it would be fairly rare for a shopper to not have at least some companies where they made less than $600.

(I am currently a tax professional, and have been for almost 20 years.)

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