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Has anyone out there experienced an issue with Service Sleuth refusing a report because of gray areas in the instructions, such as scenarios that weren't there before the shop was conducted? I would appreciate any feedback that anyone has. Thanks so much.

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the shop I did for them had instructions and scenario inside the report... you have to open the report to see instructions and a specific scenario...
so far i did not have problems...
Thanks EO for replying to my post, however I am aware of how to access scenarios and instructions for an assignment. What I am referring to is them adding and/or changing instructions after the assignment has been completed and submitted and then reject it due to their own error of not providing clear instructions to begin with.
They can be demanding, but are fair.

Read the shop notes carefully as well as the full report ahead of time and you'll do fine if you can spell and use perfect grammar. They will not tolerate poor spelling or sentence structure without marking your shop grade down.
Maggieg Service Sleuth

I did have a problem with their valet shops one time not having enough information. I had shopped for another MSC for the same valet, so I knew basically what they wanted. I would talk to the scheduler about this to clarify.
All other shops, restaurant, sports, no problem.
Perhaps if we had more details......

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