Stericycle IE Workaround

I don't know if anyone else balked at Stericycle demanding that their shoppers use Internet Explorer to submit everything, but I may have found a workaround. The browser plugin "Ultimate User Agent Switcher, URL sniffer" allows any browser to imitate any other browser. I've set mine to imitate IE 10 whenever I'm on their site. We'll see what happens--I'll report back!

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So after you submit the report and it gives you the link to download a copy of your report, what does it say for your browser? I ask because it may be a workaround, but if they see you didn't use IE and your report somehow gets lost in their system, they may say it's your fault for not using IE. A while back there was an extensive thread about someone who didn't use IE and the system lost their report and Stericycle blamed the shopper for not using IE.

I posted this a couple of days ago:

If you use Chrome as your browser this article from PC Magazine has a list of the best free Chrome extensions/apps.


IE Tab
In days of yore, many websites were optimized for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you encounter some in your browsing travels along the Information Highway, use IE Tab to load the page using IE's rendering engine, while still remaining within a Google Chrome tab.
I never had an issue submitting for what was then CORI with Chromium or Chrome. If they are using User-Agent sniffing now it's one more reason not to work for them.
My niece wanted to earn a little money and had seen me mystery shop for years. I had done around 300 shops for CRI and they had been pretty alright. She did a "beginner" shop (fastfood). Two months later she was paid. My face was red.
I read a post here saying Stericycle was getting rid of mystery shopping. Is this a part of the getting rid of?
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