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No, I recently received a solicitation for them by CTCSS. The pay looks good. Anyone?

Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut
@MMMM wrote:

Any experiences with this company?

Great company. Excellent pay. Pay always on time. You get a personal "coach" who will guide you and answer any of your questions. This coach is also your scheduler. Once you are accepted, you are automatically assigned next month's shops.
Two-fold purpose in posting...
1) AMA is awesome. They're growing, pay dependably and on time, have amazing support, and have very interesting work. For their video work, they even supply the equipment.
2) They urgently need a shopper in Idaho Falls, ID, or someone who can get there. AMA's been great to work with, and I offered to help them find a responsible IC. If you can get there, please PM me.
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