TNS nopay

A couple of years ago I accepted a dog food shop from TNS. It was in Cody, WY, a 110 mile round trip but the pay was good. I did the shop, reported in a timely manner and had the answers to all the questions. I checked the next day and the report had been accepted.
But no money showed up in my mailbox. No problem, checks can go astray. I checked again and, yep, I had completed the shop. I called and was told that TNS had someone else do the shop. I was shocked. It was the first time I had been stiffed. (It happened one more time on a lodging shop.) I e-mailed. No response. I snail mailed. No response. I tried to figure how to fax a letter bomb. Beyond my tech experience.
Consider yourself warned. I wish someone had warned me.

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