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Is there a limit to how many you can accept? I got 4 emails yesterday, all at once, and replied that I could do 3 of the shops. I was assigned 2 of the 3. I thought maybe someone else got the 3rd one until I noticed that it is still on the page today. I know I could accept it on the page, but it is not bonused there.

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Okay, your title is MF Autoscheduler, then you describe a situation that has nothing to do with auto-scheduling.

If you got an email you weren't involved with auto-scheduling. They often do limit how many shops a person can do. The auto scheduler will hide from your list shops you aren't able to do if they conflict with shops already on your job list.

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My emails said they were from "Auto-Scheduler" so that is where I got that from. I was offered 4 separate shops, in 4 separate emails from this same "Auto-Scheduler." I sent back that I could do 3 of them, answering each separate email. I got the confirmation for 2 of the 3 and the 3rd is still listed when I pull up the MF listing of shops for my area. I could take it on that site, for half the money. Sorry if I didn't explain this clear enough. I do understand the auto assign and that is what I think you might have meant.
It's certainly possible there is a limit. Why don't you contact the Help Desk and ask them directly? The limits, if there is one, can vary by client.

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I guess I'm not familiar with the term Auto Scheduler as it applies to Market Force. I thought you were talking about self-assigning, where you click that you want it and it is automatically assigned to you without human intervention. Shops you can't do will disappear from the job board you see.

I don't know why they would use that term for something that requires a human to assign it after you accept an email offer. I never read their emails so I guess I haven't encountered that yet.

Hope the help desk can give you an answer. Let us know what they say.

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I just got a confirmation email for the 3rd one I requested. The first 2 were confirmed almost immediately. This one took 24 hours. I don't understand it.
That happens from time to time with them Sometimes you hear right away sometimes one or two days. At least you got the shops you wanted.
Thanks. I am pretty new at this. Just started doing shopping in July so when something unusual like this happens, I don't get it!
You will need to learn to not stress about the little things like this. Otherwise you will have a very short MSing career. And don't waste your time trying to figure out what is inside the "head" of a MSC or the client. But glad it worked out in this case.
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