Mintel is paying my bills?!

I got an email from Mintel offering to pay my internet bill as long as I had service through a specific company, which I do. I filled out a quick survey, and figured I wouldn't hear anything back. I just got an email saying all I have to do is submit my bill, and they will pay for a portion of it. This sounds awesome! So of course I have to this too good to be true? Thoughts?

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They will pay you if you sign up for the whole time period of the project and submit your bill (or bills) to them every month as indicated if you are accepted into the program.
They pay by direct deposit and you can use the money however you wish.
I have been participating in a similar program for them since last year.
I got it too. They're not paying your bills. They're giving you $12 a month to submit your bills to them.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I know they aren't technically paying my bills...but they are giving me money for hardly anything smiling smiley
Yeah, they're only paying $12 a month. I wish they'd pay the whole bill. It's very little work for pay. I signed up and was accepted.
Mintel is one of the best companies out there. The one and only time they had some assignments where the fee was not commensurate with the work I did let them know I would be completing a few already assigned, but after that no more. When the scheduler needed a chunk of them done in a relatively short period of time, she not only bumped the fee she made it retroactive for my completed shops. They are responsive and will always make things right.

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I got a similar request. I don't remember which company it was. I just checked their website and saw nothing about it. I looked under my state.
So is this an invite only? Or is it on the job board... Do you have to change your internet provider or type of service? Or is it just if you are already a customer you get a portion paid for the bill submission. Obiously you can't say which internet provider it is, but I'm looking for it on Mintel and not seeing it sad smiley

Where are we going... and why are we in a hand basket?
I did see $5 per text message from your cell phone provider. It's listed under "Open Recruitment" for those registered with Mintel.

Where are we going... and why are we in a hand basket?
Mintel is fantastic. They have quickly risen to my favorite MSC this year. I have mad quite a bit of cash sitting on my ass making phone calls for them or participating in a blog. I have just been accepted to their 12 month bill assignment and they are paying me an extra 10 to send a few months back bills to them. Easy to work with, good communication. Now if I could just find their 2 sisters and brother I could retire from all the other MSPS. Here's to you MINTEL.

Lexxycon I believe they sent a email with a survey to qualify you for the study.

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I can't figure out how to apply as a mystery shopper/field associate. I just submitted the general information form. Does that do the trick?
I filled out the survey and received the notice that I was accepted. Like you say, easy work for the pay. When you figure up the fee for a year, it comes to $144. Looks better that way!

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Do you send a copy of your two bills by mail or just scan them I was accepted also my internet is not a popular company
I was asked to send pdf copies of my bill. I didn't even know you could get a copy of your bill in pdf format. I looked and sure enough I was able to get a pdf copy that I uploaded and sent over.
@CureMS wrote:

I filled out the survey and received the notice that I was accepted. Like you say, easy work for the pay. When you figure up the fee for a year, it comes to $144. Looks better that way!

Actually, $154 because they pay $10 for the first survey (which includes your four most recent bills to be uploaded). smiling smiley

It's the easiest work for $12 that I think I've come across. I have my internet-provider bill set up to be paid automatically, so the only time consuming thing for me was to remember my login for that website :p
On this shop they want copies of two bills how do you send them they are 5 pages long They want the whole bill
You go online and download a pdf of your bill. Attach that pdf to the report when you submit it online.
I have done a few things for Mintel, and enjoyed it. I am currently on board for the 12 month bills assignment. I only wish I could find more work through them. I read where there are blogging assignments...being internet based, it seems anyone from anywhere could get these. I haven't seen anything in a long while and my search perimeter is 80 miles...
I am registered with Mintel but somehow lost the log in page. There is no link at all on their main page - anybody know what it is?

I see that the menu audits that they used to have for $20 are now being offered by another company at $8 (not the drive up kind either - the kind where you have to get a hard copy menu and photograph it - presumably undercover ... )
Is there only one Mintel login site or do they have a Shopmetrics as well? Seems like a lot of the MSCs do and I'm still trying to figure out WHICH ones have two sites!
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