MF-multiple rescheduling

in the past, if I tried to reschedule a shop a second time, the system would not allow it. I had to reschedule a shop about a week ago because my car died. I recheduled it for Friday. Now they are saying we are getting 4 inches of snow--and the location where this place is is very hilly with winding roads.

I logged on, expecting the system to argue with me....and having to contact the helpdesk......but it did allow me to reschedule a 2nd time.....had I known you could reschedule more than once now...I would have actually changed it to last Monday, but I didn't want to do that originally because I wasn't sure I would make it on time that day...but it turns out I could have.

Has MF relaxed the policy overall? or maybe it is just for this client? I could see not wanting people to keep post poning a shop, but if someone wants to reschedule it earlier it it better.

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It actually is different depending on client. Some can be scheduled only once. Others can be scheduled more times.
Depends on the client.

Also, if you e-mail the help desk they will usually reschedule unless it's right at the deadline.
I had almost the same thing happen to me. I got to the drive-thru, and there were literally no less than 15 vehicles ahead of me. Snow was not the issue. It was 85° and I had a place to be in twenty minutes. I rescheduled for the next day. I ended up going home early for a nap because driving around in the hot sun was making me sleepy. When I woke up I had missed the timeframe. It allowed me to reschedule a second time, which really surprised me.

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