Goodwin & Associates paid in 20 days....

Quite a change from the 3-4 months I was warned about back in 2011, when I first began mystery shopping. Everyone warned me that Goodwin took forever to pay.... I bit the bullet and took a few shops here and and there...

I never felt they took "forever" to pay but I was shocked to see a shop I performed 20 days ago is in my pay-pal account! smiling smiley

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That is different from past performance.

Anyone else?

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They have always paid me on time. I've probably only done 5-6 shops for them in the 2 years I've been doing this though.

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They've always paid me on time, but 20 days is a fast turn around.

The last shop I did for them was on January 23rd. They paid me March 4th.
I've been around long enough to remember previous payment methods. It is a nice change I'll admit!

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Goodwin has improved on the pay over the last few years.

And yes, they use to take MONTHS to pay. And yes, you use to have to chase down payments, month after month, after month.

I am happy for you that they paid so quickly! I hope that Goodwin accounting department continues to pay quickly. Man, that would be so nice... smiling smiley
Goodwin used to be on my 10-foot-pole list because they paid VERY slow. I don't work for companies who don't pay according to their stated payment terms. And I don't like to chase payments ..... I feel like I worked to earn the money, I shouldn't have to do more work to get paid.

Goodwin has turned themselves around the last few years. I haven't seen any payment problems in recent years. They are now one of my favorites.

And I agree - 20 days is great!
I love Goodwin, and have never had a problem with delayed payment.

I'm just wondering if they are still doing the frozen yogurt shops. I used to do a lot of these, and haven't seen them offered in probably a year. Does anyone know?
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