Has any mystery shopper ever been audited by the IRS?

I am keeping good records, and I don't anticipate any problems, but I was curious if anyone has been audited by the IRS (only as mystery shoppers, not other professions). I did a quick search on IRS audits through the forum and did not see any other threads indicating anyone had been audited. Please correct me and send me in the right direction if I am mistaken.

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At one of the shopper conferences one of the speakers mentioned being audited twice; and an attendee mentioned being audited. Both shoppers had positive resolutions with IRS thanks to the documentation they kept.
i was audited doing a different job where I had a lot of work expenses even as a W2 employee...and I can tell you the agents are either stupid or thieves ....they made up their own rules to try to extort money from me..i just kept sending copies of the real rules to them..it almost went to court, but when it went to their lawyers, they stopped trying to steal money based on fake rules....

another time a company I worked for as a self employed housekeeper was audited...the IRS agent lied to them and forced them to fire me..

the rule is--to be self employed you must have the option to have other clients...(which I did have the option)..but the IRS told them i was required to have more then 1 client......he even gave them a copy of the real rule which said he was wrong..but he strong armed them....

at the time..I had 3 part time W2 jobs and was in college....and was working with 2 volunteer organizations...i did the housekeeping 1x/week for 2 hours on the weekend whenever I could get there....

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MMMM, I wonder if there is a certain amount of money they had to make before they got audited? I am sure that they did not divulge that information, though.
there are some things that will set off red flags...and then some are just random audits....so you could be audited it you made $500 or $50000
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