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I am doing my first hotel shops for Regal. Any pointers? I have read up on them under their company name, so I am preparing early so I can ask questions if I have any. It seems like the instructions are easy, but they may leave some stuff out.

For the restaurant section, do they reimburse for two people, or just one? My husband is going to be with me so it would be nice if he could eat too winking smiley

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I have one experience with a Regal hotel shop and it was very straightforward. The guidelines should specify a $ max for reimbursement or ordering requirements or how many people can go. It's possible they'll only reimburse for you and you end up paying for the hubster.

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Be sure to read the sample reports that they provide. Those are invaluable!

The shops I have seen permit 2 people, but there is usually a maximum reimbursement for meals. I think it would prove adequate. Most of these hotels are not FD anyway. (With a few spectaucular exceptions that you would not see as a new shopper with them.)

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Make sure you write in third person and follow the sample formats exactly. They don't give much in terms of second chances. If you make a few formatting errors, you'll have difficulties getting more assignments from them.
I agree with the other advice here to look at their sample reports carefully. Regal is often interested in "integrity" so double check to see if it is an integrity shop. Many shoppers do not like doing integrity shops due to the potential liability shoppers may incur if an employee is fired due to your observation of cash handling.
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