Harland Clarke mileage?

So Ive been shopping with Harland Clarke for a few months. I really like them but in the past 2 days, I've received two shop request emails with no mileage included. I've never seen their shops not offered with mileage and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same in other locations...I actually don't mind their reports but the mileage makes it worth my time to write the lengthy narratives.

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It depends. I get emails from 4 different schedulers. 1 of them rarely has mileage in her emails, but it's also rare that she doesn't fill every location on her first email, so that's probably why. It just appears her clients can get scheduled without offering mileage.

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Some have mileage some don't just as bgriffin said. I seem to have noticed a correlation between how many locations you are allowed to perform in a single day and mileage. So if you can only do one a day there appears to be mileage. However, that could be wrong.
Like bgriffen and jpgilham said, there are some that offer mileage, and some that don't. Usually at the beginning of the month, they don't offer mileage. Look around the second or third week of the month when shops are still not taken for them to offer mileage.
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